Quotes / Hurl It into the Sun

On his birthday, Chuck Norris randomly selects one lucky child to be thrown into the sun.

"SCP-1543-02 is a large spacecraft shaped like a cannon. [...] Painted on the side is the motto, in large capital letters, "When in doubt, launch into the sun" (which some feel can never match the flair of the SCP's old creed, "Into the fiery orb with ye")."
"Here is a partial list of objects launched into the sun by the station:
A box with a tiny version of our universe in it: [DATA EXPUNGED]."
— The SCP Foundation, showing us how to deal with monsters and Artifacts of Doom.

Step 7: Take over world. Shoot enemies into the sun with giant slingshot.
Bungie's 7 Steps to World Domination

Sun. You grow my food, you kill my enemies... you're totally worth the skin cancer.

(while being sent into space) Huh? It's the star for this solar system. Maybe I'll just blow that up instead and let them all freeze to death in darkness. Haha! ...Wait a second... I'm heading right for it!
Cooler, Dragon Ball Z

Farnsworth: But I need to you to dispose of this crazy-ass experiment that almost killed me. You'll have to throw it into the sun itself. For only the thermo-nuclear inferno of the sun has enough energy to ensure its total destruction.
Bender: I can hit it with a shovel.
Farnsworth: That's not good enough!

Councillor Vay Hek, Warframe

"Well, I GUESS you could say The Lich should've worn a wide-brimmed hat today, because he's spending an awful lot of time... IN THE SUN."
Finn, Adventure Time

Amy: Why don't you just read the manual?
The Doctor: Can't. Threw it into a supernova.
Amy: ...why did you throw it into a supernova?
The Doctor: Because I disagreed with it! Stop arguing with me when I'm cross!

Hermes: Like my granny used to say back in her tar paper shack on Montego Bay, "If you want a box hurled into the sun, you got to do it yourself."

Supergirl grabbed Satan Girl by the legs, added her own momentum to the force of Satan Girl's super-throw, whirled them around several times like two partners on a trapeze bar, and flung her enemy down towards the thrusting fingers of the solar prominence.
The worst part of it was seeing the grin of determination on Kara's bloodied face as she threw her.
Satan Girl heard one last sending before she hit the plasma.
<Hellsister,> said Supergirl, <go to Hell.>
Kara pulled up, flying away at an angle, keeping herself beyond the event horizon of what was to come with the last shred of power she had. But she knew that she had to avoid the blast area. She trained her super-vision on the hurtling woman in black, even as she flew away.
The villainess hit the anti-plasma.
There was a look of confusion on Satan Girl's face as she exploded.
Her positive-matter structure was instantly annihilated by an equivalent mass of anti-matter in the solar prominence. It flattened part of the plasma-storm a bit, made for a more spectacular sight, and disintegrated a small bit of antisolar matter.
But that was all right. There was enough antimatter in the star to spare.
It didn't take that much of it to kill a Satan Girl.