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Quotes: Hurl It into the Sun
On his birthday, Chuck Norris randomly selects one lucky child to be thrown into the sun.
Chuck Norris Facts

"SCP-1543-02 is a large spacecraft shaped like a cannon. [...] Painted on the side is the motto, in large capital letters, "When in doubt, launch into the sun" (which some feel can never match the flair of the SCP's old creed, "Into the fiery orb with ye")."
"Here is a partial list of objects launched into the sun by the station:
A box with a tiny version of our universe in it: [DATA EXPUNGED]."
— The SCP Foundation, showing us how to deal with monsters and Artifacts of Doom.

SCP-1543-01 is a catapult with an absurdly far length of range, designed in 16██ to meet a common need of that time: launching dangerous and potentially reality-altering objects into the sun. Despite the fact that this was often an unnecessary waste of resources and time, it was often decided as the best course of action.

Step 7: Take over world. Shoot enemies into the sun with giant slingshot.
Bungie's 7 Steps to World Domination

Green Lantern: What's the plan, Clark?
Superman: The plan is that I will solve everything, by myself, because I'm an invincible, immortal alien with unlimited power. If there's anything bad, I'll just pick it up and throw it into the sun.
Wonder Woman: What if someone lies? I've got this rope!
Superman: Nope. Sun.
Batman: What if there's an intricate mystery?
Superman: I'm thinking Sun.

Sun. You grow my food, you kill my're totally worth the skin cancer.

(while being sent into space) Huh? It's the star for this solar system. Maybe I'll just blow that up instead and let them all freeze to death in darkness. Haha! ...Wait a second... I'm heading right for it!
Cooler, Dragon Ball Z

Farnsworth: But I need to you to dispose of this crazy-ass experiment that almost killed me. You'll have to throw it into the sun itself. For only the thermo-nuclear inferno of the sun has enough energy to ensure its total destruction.
Bender: I can hit it with a shovel.
Farnsworth: That's not good enough!

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