Quotes / Hitbox Dissonance

"To even the odds, the game is very loose with its interpretation of in-game collisions. For example, just because the Flash's fist is elbow deep into an eskimo's throat doesn't necessarily mean the eskimo or the game notice."
Seanbaby, on Justice League Chronicles.

"thats the result of all the training of ryu, to make a invisible punch"

"I swear they make up hitboxes on that thing!"

"If my character model is making contact with your character model, how in the blue fucking dickens does my weapon not make contact with you? Makes no sense. If my arms and legs, which are holding my weapons can touch your fucking leg, why doesn't the weapon that I'm swing at it hit it?"
Tear of Grace trying to defeat Fume Knight Raime with a broken ladle in Dark Souls 2: Crown of the Old Iron King.

''"Everyone, look at my screen right now: I am not touching that spike. I am not touching that spike. I am not touching the spike!!!"
TheVoiceOfDog, expressing his frustration during the race of a "mystery game"

"Look at this, right here: This laser's not a fuckin' foot. Near. My fuckin' ship. And it fuckin' blew it up."