Quotes / Hello, [Insert Name Here]

Zelda...that name seems...somehow familiar.
Princess Zelda in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, when Link first meets her while named "Zelda"

"My latest XCOM 2 changelog: - "Hot Load" is no longer a viable nickname for soldiers. I'm an important person doing noble work."

You know, I no longer care what her name is! To me she is just "A Whore". [...] The best part of all of this, is that you get to name A Whore's dog too. And here is where you can really have some endless fun. Someone once told me about another guy who named the dog "Vaginal", but when I play for it, I went for "Anal". As you can see: "A Whore's Limit Break uses Anal", and "You can learn many tricks with Anal". There are a lot, but you start with "Anal Rush", "Anal Recover", and "Anal Cannon". The dog gets more powers from the "Pet Pal Magazines", like "Anal Search", "Anal Strike" and "Anal Reverse". Ewww!
Noah Antwiler, abusing Rinoa and Angel's names.

I named him after my family's dog. Boy, was it hard to ever take him seriously after that. "I AM WOODY, SON OF SETO...!"

Why put in a name anyway? It's not like the game is gonna save it. But if it did, I guarantee most of the high scores will belong to 'AAAA'.
The Angry Video Game Nerd on Winter Games

Nier is in actuality the name of the main character, the guy on the box who looks a bit like Emmett Brown wearing his underpants on his face. I only found this out later, though, because before the game tells you his name it asks you if you can come up with a better one, and thus began the adventures of Twattycake, defender of the innocent.