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Quotes: Heel-Face Revolving Door
D'Anna: Boomer's an Eight. Shouldn't she be on the other side?
Cavil: Boomer's my pet Eight. She's seen the light of reason. And an Eight can make a passionate ally.
D'Anna: Oh, until she sees something shiny...

"Not much changes around here... except for the occasional allegiance."
Rattrap to Dinobot, Transformers Beast Wars

"It's time to be less evil!"
Stong Radd, a page of his webcomic-to-be.

Will: I thought we were friends.
"You want me to take a Sith whose trustworthiness seems to depend on the time of day, the season, and the phases of whatever moons happen to be nearby, on a potentially dangerous mission to the Sith homeworld?"
Luke Skywalker, regarding Vestara Khai, Fate of the Jedi: Ascension

"I, Baron Von Beaver, once bad, then good, then bad again, and now something that's neither."
Norbert as Baron Von Beaver, The Angry Beavers

Douglas: I just met a guy named Vincent.
Heather: Vincent?
Douglas: He's a friend of yours, right?
Heather: I'm not sure.

"As another ideological bad guy, Magneto is very susceptible to the 'lesser of two evils' motif’s pull. To him, the ultimate evil would always be mankind, and if that meant siding with the X-Men, he could swallow it. But with the switching back and forth and the dying all the time, keeping track of whether he’s good or bad is so hard it makes your kidneys bleed. And most of the time, it doesn’t make much sense. The original Magneto-is-good storyline was when he discovered that Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch were his children, he had part-human grandchildren, and somehow that made the militant mutant decide to turn himself in for his crimes against humanity. Perhaps realizing the ultimate lameness of this arc, he was returned to antagonist after awhile, but the X-offices have tossed him back and forth ever since, seemingly unaware that the best Magneto is obviously a maniacal one."

"Another sweet thing is that Godzilla is completely unpredictable, and, as such, represents the Ultimate Duality of Awesome: When he leaves the warm beaches of Monster Island and emerges from the dark waters near the Japanese coastline, you don't know if he's there to smash orphanages or save the universe from a rampaging giant space monster who shoots lasers out of its forehead and spits acid on hot Japanese babes. That's just how he rolls. One minute he's Earth's saviour, the next minute he's grabbing handfuls of cheering humans and grinding them between his massive, pointy teeth."

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