Quotes: Heel Face Door Slam

Dark Eldar #1: You know when we take people captive, and we take them back to Commorragh and torture them for decades until they finally die?
Dark Eldar #2: Yeah
DE #1: Well, why do we do that? I mean, it's not very nice, is it?
DE #2: We do it because it's fun. We're all sadistic monsters.
DE #1: But I'm not! All that screaming and blood just makes me feel sick! Just for once I'd like to go home and just have a nice cup of tea and a nice cake!
DE #2: But... that's exactly how I feel! I thought I was the only one!
DE #1: (gasps) Oh, my friend, how happy this makes me! Let us leave this place, and give up our old lives of sadism and hatred!
DE #2: Yes, lets!
DE #1: Argh!
DE #2: Hurk!
Brianna: I don't know what they were talking about, but I'll bet it was evil.