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Quotes: Handwave
Reynardine: It behaves that way because she wills it so. That's how a blinker stone works!
Kat: That doesn't explain anything!
Reynardine: It explains enough, doesn't it?
Kat: Ugh! That's a terrible ethic!

Christina: How does a crystal drive a bus?
The Doctor: In a super clever outer-spacey way... just trust me.
Doctor Who, "Planet of the Dead"

Amy: Are you gonna make her talk again?
The Doctor: Can't.
Rory: Why not?
Amy: Spacey-wacey, isn't it?
The Doctor: Well actually its because the Time Lords discovered that if you take an eleventh dimensional matrix and fold it into a mechanical frame then... Yes, its spacey-wacey!
Doctor Who, "The Doctor's Wife"

Time Magazine: How does the Heisenberg compensator work?
Star Trek technical advisor Michael Okuda: It works very well, thank you.
—"Reconfigure the Modulators," Nov. 28, 1994

Stan: Jeff?! I thought you drowned!
Jeff: Nope.
Stan: Awesome.

Zadok: We have ambient light. That means it's coming from everywhere at once. If there's space up there, it's white too.
Ghanny: So?
Zadok: So shouldn't that light be accumulating and blinding us all?
Tailsteak: Light in this universe breaks back down into heat after traveling 1.85 kilometres.
Ghanny: Einstein would have a fit.
1/0 [1]

I don't have to explain every little impossible thing to you!
Dr. Dinosaur, Atomic Robo

""Norman deals with his problems directly," Tom [DeFalco] argued. "He doesn't mind getting his hands dirty. He's a guy who addresses his problems by putting on a Green Goblin costume, flying across the city on a bat-glider, and destroying any obstacles with his own hands. He knows he has power, and he likes to use it. He's not a master manipulator who likes to stay hidden." I felt Tom was right, but [Editorial] insisted on doing it his way... I still raised the point, "But why didn't Norman go after Spider-Man if he was able to? Why would he just pick up and go off to Europe after suffering his worst defeat? Wouldn't he be totally out for Spider-Man's blood after that?" The response I got was, "We'll figure that out later.""
Editor/Writer Glenn Greenberg on The Clone Saga

"What this comic tries to do is convince everyone that Scrier is in fact a cult-like organization...All of the Scriers dress and look alike, see, so whenever you saw Scrier appearing to mysteriously travel somewhere, it was really a different guy. Seriously. Totally. Even that time you saw him walk through motherfucking walls. That was justÖ super-technology. Fucking hell, itís like Marvel editorial wanted to solve the problem of a villain being convoluted and making no sense by seeing if they could get him to make even less sense."

"It is, we learn, an Asian crocodile. "How did he swim across the sea?" a lawman asks, not unreasonably. "They conceal information like that in books," one of the movie's croc lovers answers sarcastically. I dunno; I thought it was a pretty good question."

"See, this immortal sanctuary is specifically mentioned as holy ground. As in that one place where no immortal can ever fight. As in the place where the one time in recorded history where an immortal killed another immortal on holy ground, the entire city of Pompeii got destroyed. Now Kell leads a band of evil immortals to the sanctuary, kills all the monks, and then decapitates the dozen or so helpless immortals there. The result? Nothing. Nothing happens. Turns out that the whole holy ground thing is all a myth and that immortals just like to handicap themselves that way just because."
The Screamsheet on Highlander: Endgame

Then we finally get an actual explanation for why the Federation is working with our plastic surgery addicted villains: The Head-Staplers have the technology to harvest whatever the hell is in the rings, and the Federation doesn't. Since the planet is in Federation territory, a partnership was formed. We also learn that the harvesting will make the planet uninhabitable. And if the Head-Staplers just establish a colony of their own on the planet, it'll take ten years for the rings to begin to take effect. Is it just me, or is this script roughly 90% about plugging up all its own plot holes?

"Why use Beetle, Booster and Maxwell Lord in a story like this? ... in a larger sense, it seems like DC is going out of its way to try to explain away all the lighter moments in its history, first with IDENTITY CRISIS's mindwipe explanation for the goofy villains of the Silver Age, and now with this supposed revelation that the goofier moments of JUSTICE LEAGUE INTERNATIONAL were all just a feint by Maxwell Lord to keep them distracted from his real, more sinister agenda. It's as if current DC editorial can't stand the thought that there was ever a lighthearted story in their history, and rather than leaving them alone as a valuable counterpoint to the darkening of the DC universe, they're determined to force them into this new paradigm, whether they fit or not, and no matter what damage is done to the old stories in the process. It'd be one thing to just say that Max went rogue, but to assert that he was always engaged in this sort of activity, in direct contradiction to his expressed thoughts when first published? Doesn't work for me, and makes me buy into the whole premise all the less."

"Besides, this is kind of a scifi-y show. We'll think of an excuse soon.

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