Quotes / Golem

"Though it moves like a living thing, anyone can tell it lacks a soul... not to mention mercy."
Hollow Warrior, Magic the Gathering

It's the Golem of Prague! Legendary defender of the Jewish people - like Alan Dershowitz, but with a conscience. Ha! I kid Alan, we're friends.
Krusty, The Simpsons

You opened you eyes for the first time only a year ago. You were already fully grown, but had a lot of learning to do. At first, you could only grunt, but Doctor Cadaver soon taught you to speak and read perfectly. Three months ago, you realized what you were: a piece of clay. Or, to be more precise, an animated, living piece of clay. You were, as the Doctor said, a golem. Created from raw earth in a vat by the Doctor, you aren't even human. But you feel human. You have all these thoughts, emotion and urges that seem human. And you have a soul that is more than human.
Awakened Creation, Mage: The Ascension - Tradition Book: Sons of Ether