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Quotes: Gayngst
"I think that the marked difference between my attitude toward sex and that of Tennessee made each of us somewhat startling to the other. I never had the slightest guilt or anxiety about what I always took to be a natural human appetite. He was—and is—guilt-ridden, and although he tells us that he believes in no afterlife, he is still too much the puritan not to believe in sin. At some deep level Tennessee truly believes that the homosexualist is wrong and that the heterosexualist is right. Given this all-pervading sense of guilt, he is drawn in both life and work to the idea of expiration, of death."

"Davies is something of a bloodthirsty Doctor Who writer prone to whacking characters whenever things get a bit slow...The deaths of Owen and Tosh were damp squibs of desperation, and Iantoís death, while more successful, is still messy in some key ways.

And this gets at a paradox thatís at the heart of almost everything Davies does, and not just on
Doctor Who. He is, as a writer, obsessed with death. The idea of loss and mourning is one of his baseline, default themes. But his response to it is and always has been a sort of hedonism. Death, for Davies, is a fundamental reason to live...And so the one thing he canít successfully make a spectacle out of is death itself. Which means that Miracle Day is on the one hand an attempt at the most Davies story ever to exist, and on the other something that Davies is fundamentally ill-suited to writing. Itís not, ultimately, that Miracle Day doesnít work because Davies didnít put enough time into it. Itís that Miracle Day doesnít work because itís fundamentally not an idea Davies was ever going to succeed with. More than anything, including the problems of 'The End of Time', this is the show that really demonstrates that Daviesís approach to sci-fi television eventually hit its limit."
Phil Sandifer on Russel T. Davies

Captain Maggie Sawyer: I've been where you are, Renťe.
Detective Renee Montoya: You've been where I am? Are you sure? Because somehow I don't think you have. I just have a hard time picturing that. I have a hard time picturing you as a latina for instance. I have a hard time picturing your parents as immigrants from the D.R. who go to mass every Sunday. And I don't really see you having to explain every time you see them why they don't have any grand-children yet... or why it is that you're going to hell when you die."

"Katie, you know how Mom & Dad are: Not exactly... super open-minded. About things.
It feels like every minute I don't spend with Lonnie, I spend worring about them finding out about us. And what would happen if they did...
You know dad's "joke" about "the nunnery" he'd tell whenever you brought boys around the old house? I wonder where he would want to send ME...."

"You show me a happy homosexual and I'll show you a gay corpse."
Michael, The Boys in the Band

"When we were alone, that was a different story. She was intoxicating. I could just lie with her forever, holding each other, sharing the most intimate of moments. It felt right. Pure. And I felt loved. But when it became public, I was back in high school . . . 'Wonder what her favorite flavor of carpet is' rose loud and clear when the head monkeys began to chatter. And I would feel the shame of it all over again."
Sarah Beauhall, Black Blade Blues

"I'm a Jew, I'm small, I'm homosexual, and I live in Sheffield. I'm fucked]]."
Posner, The History Boys

"After all of that, after getting caught shoplifting, and confiscated weed, and illegal tattoos, I've never seen her dad look as angry as he did this afternoon. Isn't that fucked up? We can destroy property, cost him thousands of dollars, get drunk on his alcohol, spend his money, and put ourselves in danger. But the fact that we love each other makes him the angriest?"

"Maybe I can finally have a proper gay storyline. I can be happy."
*Record Needle Scratch*
"Well, we can't have that."

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