Quotes / Gaslighting

"You are not going out of your mind, Mrs. Manningham. You are slowly, methodically, systematically being driven out of your mind."
Rough, Angel Street

Shawn: "Gus, dude, you've got to stop moving my stuff."
Gus: "I haven't touched your stuff."
Shawn: "Liar liar pants on fire. These were arranged in order of Kelly Osbourne's weight loss and they're all out of order now. Thus, like James Caan with the penguin that always faces south, you've been undone by your lack of attention to detail."
Gus: "I haven't touched your copies of People. You're finally losing your mind. Or someone's Gaslighting you."
Shawn: "That might be a helpful statement if I knew what it meant.
Gus: "It's a movie. Ingrid Bergman, Charles Boyer. Her husband tries to make her think she's crazy so he can get her money. It's a classic. A young Angela Lansbury plays their maid and -"
— "Out of the Closet and Into The Frying Pan", a Psych fanfic.