Quotes / Frankenstein's Monster

I know that look of disgust in your eyes. You can't hide it from me. I have seen all its expressions in many faces like your own. I am intimately familiar with rejection. Yes, these scars and stitched wounds are terrifying to behold. Were I truly alive, they'd be enough to kill me.
But I am not alive.
Not yet.
Not in a way you know it. A fire burns within me that animates this dead flesh, these legs have wandered the far regions of the Earth, these hands have killed men.
And I walk with purpose. You will not stand in my way. These hands have killed men.

No matter where he went, he was denied - often violently. It was as if humans could not accept him on an instinctual level, as if he was an abomination against Nature.
And this was because he was.

"Like one who on a lonely road doth walk in fear and dread, and having wants of turning around walks on, and turns no more his head, because he knows a frightful fiend doth close behind him tread: Frankenstein!"
Dr. Igora, Monster Brawl

"Your father was Frankenstein, but your mother was the lightnink!"

"Knowledge is knowing Frankenstein is not the monster. Wisdom is knowing that Frankenstein is the monster."
Jacob Bailey