Quotes / Fantastic Aesop

"The moral of this story? Never make a deal with an inter-dimensional demon without a little protection."
Slade, Teen Titans

"I never figured out the moral of Humpty Dumpty. All I could think of was, 'Don't sit on a wall if you're an egg.'"

"The moral of this story is not to concentrate really hard on old diaries and go back in time."

"The weed of injecting gorillas with secret serum bears bitter fruit of dismemberment! A lesson for the ages."

"Draco dormiens nunquam titillandos (Never tickle a sleeping dragon)"
— Hogwarts motto, Harry Potter

Tweedle Dum & Tweedle Dee: There's a moral to it.
Alice: And it's a very good moral if you happen to be an oyster.

"You cannot reason with a vengeful ghost. Remember this. It will serve you well."

"Crazy aliens destroyed the Moon Kingdom! So we all need to do our part to make sure that crazy aliens don't destroy Earth! So, write letters to your military, and let them know that you support them in their fight against crazy aliens. They won't think you're weird at all! Sailor Moon says."

"If there's one thing children need to learn, it is the consequences of behaving rashly, and being forced to help a maniac blow up a building full of innocent people is a pretty strong deterrent."
AV Club, reviews Batman: The Animated Series, "Joker's Favor"

"Dont feed the Yao Guai."
Three Dog, Fallout 3

At first I thought this might be some preachy anti-American propaganda about not imposing your superior values onto others. However, as Superman went on and on and on about it, it became clear that there was no allegory or metaphor. The lesson being taught to children here really was that you should never shrink anyone. And more importantly, you should never get a job writing cartoons when your main hobbies are recreational drugs and head injuries.

"The moral of the story is real good on this one - it's 'Don't be unlucky and be a dog.' ...Thassa good one."

"My books always say something. Even if it's just something simple, like "Don't genetically engineer crabs to be as big as men"."

Never let a group of twenty angry kids use a herd of laser cows to take over your house.

"Don't try to summon dark eldritch horrors to defeat the Roman army! That was how this all started. That'll set off four hundred years of buggery!"

"You know the real lesson from all this? Never sleep with an empress."

"If Disney has taught us anything it's that if you tie enough balloons to your house, you will eventually find a dog."
Kim Monte,Twitter