Quotes / Familiar

"A flash of lightning tore through the tumult, illuminating the grizzled Elemenstor and his ambulatory dresser."

Familiars come in a variety of forms, from the golems of the Sons of Ether to the black cats of the Verbena, from the ferrets of the Cult of Ecstasy to the hyper-advanced AIs of the Virtual Adepts. It is said that even some Technocracy mages have familiars, though they would never refer to them as such.
Mage: The Ascension - Book Of Shadows

You may have already run into some of the students' familiars out there. They look a fright, but, well, think back to your first shop class projects and how they turned out. Without the kids around to control them, they're running wild. Eventually, they'll go pure bonkers, and things here will go even more pear-shaped...
Annabel Usher, The Secret World