Quotes / Family-Friendly Firearms

"Unfortunately the censors won't allow real weapons because this is a kids show so, hope for the best"
Bull Gator (Platypi on Film)

"My comics hero, Steve Purcell, once got a cartoon deal with FOX in the 90s. He quickly learned that censors didn't dislike violence so much as they disliked accessible violence - the sort of violence kids could easily mimic. Thus the more exaggerated it was, the safer you were. If your knife fight doesn't work, simply replace the knives with atomic bombs. It's a good rule to live by."
— Justin Pierce, author of Wonderella

"I never dreamed we could have this much fun and still be suitable for young viewers!"

"Oh, pew-pew guns! I love pew-pew guns!"

Don't move a muscle or we'll shoot you with our invisible guns!