Quotes / Faking the Dead

Agatha: It's a perfect plan! They do think I'm dead!
Zeetha: There is a serious flaw in this "perfect plan"—one that could ruin everything. You're not really dead. Now are you?

Yuusuke (mourning): I'm sorry, Kuwabara... it's all my fault...
Kuwabara: Okay! I think you've done enough groveling for one day! Though, it is pretty entertaining. Reporting for duty: Captain Faker! That's me!
Yuusuke: ..Wah.. why's that dead guy walkin' around!?
Kurama: Yes, well... I tried to inform you, but you were too engrossed in your speech.
Kurama: You're a moving public speaker, by the way.
YuYu Hakusho (English version)

"Everyone thinks you're dead. Isn't that great?"

"By the time your adversary races towards your 'body' to frisk you for cash and pull gold fillings out of your mouth, you'll already be behind him, poised for the killing blow."
Dead Ringer advertisement, Team Fortress 2

Ballistic: Coilís dead.
Skitter: Do we rea—lly have to maintain this charade?
Ballistic: Coil went to a lot of effort in putting together his grand plan. He died in a blaze of glory and violence, just like he wanted. Do you really want to spoil that by going on about how heís still alive?

"Oh wow. He could still be among us. Have you witnessed any pensioners in your post office queue smoking on a cigar the size of Jonah Falcon and braying like an ejaculating donkey?"

David: Lutessa walks into her own office to find Lionel Luthor, who has, somehow, managed to, OFF CAMERA, reinstate himself as head of LuthorCorp, even though the other Lionel Luthorís body is Iím pretty sure a known quantity, and heís a Lionel Luthor from an alternate universe.
Chris: Okay, look: the last thing I want to do is start nitpicking the reality of Smallville, but seriously: A dude who has been dead for four years suddenly comes back and is immediately just handed the keys of all the stuff he used to own? ...Iím all for boring parts happening off-camera, but when ďOh, I faked my deathĒ is what you consider to be a believable cover story for whatís actually going on, Iíd like maybe a tiny explanation of how it went down.
David: Letís be fair here: Lex Luthor has used that as a legitimate excuse in the comics at least two or three times. But yes, at least a single scene of some BS law would have made me feel better, absolutely.
Chris Sims and 'David Uzumeri' on Smallville'' ("Beacon")

Sarah: [at Marvin's funeral] He looks so lifelike...
Frank: That's because he's not dead. He does this all the time.

"Don't forget, first and foremost, Haggen was an actor. He said it himself, Alfred. He called it a scene. Maybe the greatest scene of his career. A death scene so real, it fooled us all".
Batman properly suspecting that Clayface invoked this trope.