Quotes / Emotionless Girl

"For her first seventeen years, Raven felt nothing. The only spark of any emotion she could understand at all—was the hatred for her father."
-Starfire, Teen Titans

"Happy. I can't be happy."

Annie: "Aren't you uncomfortable?"
Jones: "No."
Annie: "Is it because you are a robot?"
Jones: "I am not a robot."

"I'm sorry I can't be as high-strung and crazy as the rest of you."

Asuka:"First, what is all... this... [...] Methoxetamine... Benzodiazepine... Diazepam... [...] This... this is nothing but a giant cocktail of sedatives, dissociatives, mood suppressors, and hormonal contraceptives! First, why the Hell are you taking all this shit?!"
Rei(blankly):"Doctor Akagi's orders. She said the Commander had required it."
Asuka:"This... this is nothing but stuff that makes it impossible for you to feel anything! No wonder you act like a... doll..."
Rei:"I am not a doll,"
Asuka:"If... if you're not, then you shouldn't take these, First. These drugs don't do anything but rob you of your ability to feel at all. No wonder baka-Shinji falling on you got no reaction! You must be so numb it hardly registered! No arousal, no worry, no depression... they make you like a puppet with this stuff! Don't take it anymore!"
Rei:"Doctor Akagi ordered me to take them daily. She said the Commander required I do so,"
Asuka:"Just... do me a favor, First Child. Look up the drugs on this label at school tomorrow. See what they do. There's no reason for you to be taking all this. Then... just... try not taking them for a few days? See the difference? It's... [...] If they can do this to you, they can do it to any of us. It's not right. [...] Please."

He had looked into the girl's eye. It was red, a bright, vibrant red, but otherwise seemed guileless, straightforward, and void of any particular emotion.

Had I truly forgotten that I had a heart?
Nezumi's thoughts, Broken Gate, Chapter 4