Quotes / Crate Expectations

"Was he into crate building, perchance? Everywhere I look I see crates. Business must be lucrative."
Jan Jansen, Baldur's Gate II

Games can be rated and compared based on the shortest amount of time it takes a player to reach the first crate, which represents the point where the developers ran out of ideas. This number is measured in seconds and is called "Start to Crate" or "StC". The smaller the StC, the worse the game.
Erik Wolpaw

"If there is a crate, I will push it."
I Am Resident Evil

"Sorry about the crates. I'm having some things put into storage and the delivery people haven't been yet."
Lara Croft, Tomb Raider tutorial level

"There are many games where box breaking is core to the experience, a cultural practice, a folkway."
Tycho Brahe, Penny Arcade

Crypto: "Hey, Pox, y'ever notice there seem to be a lot of crates... lyin' around? Just ordinary crates. I mean, what could they all be for. If they were being used for something, then maybe then I could understand, it's just... soooo many crates."
Kreese: Actually, they're designed like that, so that weaker contestants feel good about themselves that they can break stuff.