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Quotes: Crazy Cat Lady
If I'm gonna be an old, lonely man, I'm gonna need a thing, you know, a hook, like that guy on the subway who eats his own face. So I figure I'll be Crazy Man with a Snake, y'know. Crazy Snake Man. And I'll get more snakes, call them my babies! Kids won't walk past my place, they will run. 'Run away from Crazy Snake Man,' they'll shout!
Chandler, Friends, "The One Where Mr. Heckles Dies"

"So instead of having children, I'm going to get more cats!"
Kathleen, LoadingReadyRun

Okay, happy valentines day. What a great holiday. Iím about one bad relationship away from being one of those women who has thirty cats and pathetically names them after ex-boyfriends.
Hilda, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, "Love Is A Many Complicated Thing"

Applejack: Well, we can't just leave Rarity like this!
Pinkie Pie: She'll become a crazy cat lady!
Twilight Sparkle: She only has one cat.
Pinkie Pie: Give her time...

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