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Web Animation

Wolverine: No, no, don't change the subject here. Why aren't you dead?
Magneto: Oh, that. Well, you see, that wasn't me.
Wolverine: Oh really now?
Magneto: It was actually Xorn's twin brother, possessed by the sentient mold Sublime, pretending to be me, pretending to be Xorn.
Beast: That defies all logic!
X-Men: Death Becomes Them (note that this is an entirely accurate description of the canon at the time after all the retcons.)

Web Original

"At this point, since we now have all of the possible references contradicting themselves, this neutral researcher says "to hell with it" and closes the subject."
The rec.arts.comics.marvel.xbooks FAQ, on the Phoenix storyline in the X-Men comics.

This game is another prequel, taking place some time even before Mythologies. However, Jax has his metal arms from Mortal Kombat 3 because... er, let's just say that Quan Chi did it.

HA! Take that obsessive fanbase!

Hawkman can talk to birds. He also can't talk to birds. Sometimes, he can't even speak normally at all! Even if he could talk normally, or to birds, there are no birds on Thanagar, because it does not exist. Hawkman was sent here to study Earthly police methods, because Thanagar's own methods suck! That's OK though, because Thanagar still does not exist! Yet it is populated by peaceful barbarians! Who are stupid, and also warlike!

Like all non-existant Thanagarians, Hawkman has human legs! Which are reincarnated legs! Alien legs! Egyptian legs! Thanagarian legs! Bird legs! God legs! Bird-God legs! This is because he's... a God! An Earthman! A Thanagarian! An American! An Egyptian! A common human! A reincarnated prince! A hawk! A God! A God-Hawk! A Hawk-God! A God-like Hawk God of Other, Less Godly Hawks!

Of thereís one thing we should all know about the comics industry at this point, itís that it never lets anything go away forever.

It's also worth pointing out, because someone is going to, the massive continuity screwup that happens in the course of all this intertextuality, which is to have Jack know about the "fixed point in time" stuff roughly eighty years before he jumps on the exterior of the TARDIS in "Utopia" and actually learns about it. Sure, you can work around that if you really want to, but the reality is that it's a gaffe, and one that speaks volumes about the lack of any actual oversight going on here, since it's the sort of thing that Russell T. Davies would typically catch in his sleep. (He might decide to ignore it, certainly, but he'd catch it, and it's tough to see why he'd ignore it, since it's extraneous to the scene.)
Dr. Phil Sandifer on Torchwood: Miracle Day ("Immortal Sins")

The movies only feature a bare handful of immortals, so as you can imagine, the stories of Duncan and Connor aren't really supposed to mesh. In Endgame, they mesh with all the subtlety and grace of a train derailing (a plot train, as it were). By this point, the plot holes are just incredible, and you can't even call the repair job 'retconning' because now they don't even bother explaining anything. Connor never won the Prize, there have always been a bajillion immortals, and worse, there's a continuously refreshing supply of them!

Chris: Zod gets Clark alone so that he can talk to him in his hilarious Michael Caine-in-Batman-Begins accent, and I finally get to know what itís like when people overhear me and my friends talking about comics, because this is just hilarious nonsense. Thereís some stuff in there about how Zod has been possessed by 'the original Zod,' so now heís DOUBLE-ZOD, with twice the hate for Clark!
David: Two Zods, One Crystal.
Smallvillains on Smallville ("Dominion")

Web Video

I look at each of you, and I see a lot of confusion about how we got here! We all knew the day would come when I would send a man back in time to stop a Terminator from killing my mother Sarah Connor! That day is today! Last week, Skynet sent back a more-advanced Terminator to kill me ten years after I was born! That's why I sent back a less-advanced Terminator (to stop that one) who not only succeeded, but stopped Judgement Day! And became my friend! Prompting Skynet to send back and even-more-powerful Terminator than the previous Terminators, which I dealt with this morning!: Sending back an even-less-advanced Terminator, causing a different Judgement Day! None of this changes the fact that I still need to send someone back to impregnate my mother in order for me to be standing here right now! Which I am! So I guess it worked!
John Connor, Terminator Genisys Trailer — Paradox Edition"

Boomstick: Basically, Quicksilver and his twin sister the Scarlet Witch were born Pietro and Wanda to a pair of gypsies named Django and Marya Maximoff. But as babies, they were kidnapped by a guy they call the High Evolutionary. He experimented on the two children and then returned them to their parents, only now they had super cool powers! But, Pietro and Wanda were tricked into believing that they were the mutant children of Magneto, abandoned by their mother and given to gypsies by a cow-lady midwife.
Wiz: (Completely dumbfounded) ...what the hell?!
Death Battle, The Flash vs. Quicksilver

Real Life

"The Infinity Doctors is a book about canon and continuity, to a large extent. So the setting is part of that. Itís never good to sit and forensically explain a joke, but the central joke of The Infinity Doctors is that by including every single nugget of detail we knew then about Gallifrey (including, to paraphrase Ned Flanders, all the stuff that contradicted itself), by taking that ultra-inclusive line, it become utterly impossible to place the book in canon."
Lance Parkin on Eighth Doctor Adventures, The Infinity Doctors