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Quotes: Colony Drop
Year 866 of the tenth millenium of His rule.

During the War of Dakka, Warlord Grog takes battle to the Tau held world to Atari Vo in the most direct manner he can devise - by propelling a titanic dagger shapped asteroid he uses as his base through the athmosphere and plunging its buring tip staight in the Tau capital city. Several million of Atari Vo's Tau populace were already dead before Grog and his Dakka elite step out of the asteroid's shieldcore and began the War of Dakka in earnest.

In close consultation with his advisors, Orkimedes determined that the best solution to the tactical flexibility of Imperial forces was to drop big rocks on them.

They really liked that moon.
— Jack, Mass Effect 2

Bruce: I'll take care of the generator.
Wally: That thing's the size of a city. What're you gonna do, throw a batarang at it?
Bruce: Something like that.
Flash: (on the Watchtower) So where's your secret weapon?
Batman: You're standing in it.
Flash: Wait. You mean we're gonna -
Batman: Take the Watchtower out of orbit and drop it right on top of their little science project.

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