Quotes / Close-Call Haircut

"Nyu! My hair! You bastard! I'm gonna... forgive you! I mean, it's only hair. It'll grow back."
Hatchi, One Piece

"He shot my hair! Sunuva bitch..."
Princess Vespa, Spaceballs

Death 13: Here we go! Cut attack!
(Death 13 swings his scythe at Noriaki Kakyoin and Jean-Pierre Polnareff.)
Polnareff: Uwahh! Dodge with lightning reflexes!
(Polnareff dodges the swing, but some of his hair gets sliced off.)
Kakyoin: Whoa, it's coming to me next! Dodge with lightning reflexes!
(Kakyoin also dodges the swing, but a part of his hair gets sliced off.)
Death 13: Bah, you're both quite lucky.

"You're a poor arm with a sword, Patchface, but I may make an appointment with you as a barber."
Sir Loin, Knights Of All Realms