Quotes / Casanova Wannabe

<Boogieman> and I saw a girl and was like "hey baby, you lookin' for a good time"
<Boogieman> and she said "yes"
<Boogieman> and I just sorta stared
<Boogieman> cause I don't usually get that far
<Boogieman> and I didn't have anything to say
—qdb.us #28309

Penny: I know you (Howard) think youíre some kind of smooth-talking ladies man, but the truth is youíre just pathetic and creepy.

"Mr. Paris, I assume you have a great deal of experience being rejected by women."
EMH, Star Trek: Voyager, "Lifesigns"

"My darling, I love you. Where have I been all your life?"
Pepe Le Pew, "Odor-able Kitty"

Steve Dallas: Listen, I want you and crave you, Bobbi. Marry me.
Bobbi Harlow: You're kidding.
Steve: I'm young, hairy-chested and drive a Buick. So why not?
Bobbi: Because, Steve, you're gonna go through a score of mistresses, a dozen ulcers and an early emotional breakdown for being such a greedy, self-centered boob. Okay?
Steve: It's these *@#?! shorts, isn't it?

"You're the only man I know who can screw up his own wet dream."
Bobby, Flashpoint (1984)