Quotes / Big "WHAT?!"

Noel: Ragna the Bloodedge... is already... is already my husband!
Rachel: How dare you, Ragna! You could have me as your wife! Why?!
Ragna: You, just stay out of this! You're just making things worse!
BlazBlue: Continuum Shift, Rachel's Gag Reel

Ray: [Watching their first house being engulfed in lava] There may or may not be lava engulfing our house.
Most of the Roosterteeth crew: WHAT?! HOLY SHIT! WHAT? WHAAAAAAAAAT?! WHAT THE HELL?!
Rooster Teeth's Achievement Hunter Let's Play Minecraft

What the... what... the... fucking what? Fuck!
Larry, The Walking Dead Games

Robert Mitchum's floating head: What?
The Cloak: What do you mean what?
Mitchum's head:...I MEAN WHAT?!

Father Ted: What's that your looking at, father?
Father Jack Hackett: WHAT?
Ted: Is that a film?
Jack: WHAT?
Ted: Isn't that Kiefer Sutherland?
Jack: WHAT?
Ted: Is that Flatliners you are watching?
Jack: WHAT?
Father Jose Fernandez: Is Father Jack a little short of hearing?
Jack: WHAT?
Ted: To be honest, he can hear quite well when he wants to. Watch this...
Ted: Father Jack, would you like a brandy?
Jack: Yes.