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You don't kill a man by mucking around with rifles, arrows, rocks or other long-distanced rubbish. You kill him by grabbing the biggest bloody sword you can find, running up nice and close to him, and chop the dumb bastard's head off!

"It was called the dragon because no human hands could wield it.
That thing was too big to be called a sword. Too big, too thick, too heavy and too rough. It was more like a large hunk of Iron."
Berserk, about Guts' Dragon Slayer.

A hit? To no effect? I need a bigger sword!

Angeal: This sword... is heavy and unwieldy.
Zack: Tch! Then why don't you get a lighter one?
Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII, on the Buster Sword

Hippolyta: And you could not find a bigger sword, Artemis?
Artemis: Sword? This is but my dagger.

"You see, 'cause, right now, this is the part in any RPG ever where you have to kill God. It's pretty rad. I love killing God; I do it every day. You know, some people have breakfast. I kill God, with my super giant... house-sized sword, you know. It's, uh... I have like three mortgages on it. Two families could live in it, but instead I use it as a weapon. It's pretty rad."
raocow, off on one of his usual tangents, here

"...How the hell are those even wieldable?"
Ray, upon seeing a BFS in the Monster Hunter World in We Are Our Avatars

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