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Quotes: Any One Can Die
"George R. R. Martin, Joss Whedon, and Quentin Tarantino walk into a bar. Everyone you've ever loved dies."
Internet Joke

"These are the books where people begin to die. These are the books where we realise that all bets are off and no one is safe. And on that cheerful note, enjoy the trip."
Dan Abnett foreword in The Saint, the second Gaunt's Ghosts Omnibus.

"The Game of Thrones theme is now a Pavlovian response for millions of viewers. Play it in a public place and everyone will start phoning their family to make sure they're still alive."

A phone on the table
A man on your side
Someone that you think that you can trust
Is just
Another way to die

"Sometimes it's hard to understand the drift of things. This was a good boy. He'd have been a good man. He didn't get his chance. Death can come for ya any place, any time. It's never welcomed. But if you've done all you can do, and it's your best, in a way I guess you're ready for it."
Wil Andersen, The Cowboys

"This is the 'GASH' Pacifier Baton. One metre of oscillating carbon fibre and ceramic and your best friend on the street. Now, the Baton can be used in a defensive manner to block knife and club blows like so... but the primary purpose of the baton is offensive. Can we have a test subject, please? And you axe?"
"Alan Connelly."
"So, what do you do Alan?"
"Watch t.v."
"Right, now Alan is going to be my arrest subject in which I will use the full potential of the GASH baton to restrain him."
"Now Alan, I want you to be a mugger."
"A what?"
"All will become clear. Now, you have just killed an old lady, robbed her of all her money and now you've just been stopped by the Shivers, namely me. I want you to react in a violent manner and be, in general, abusive. Okay?"
"Eh, I'm not sure but I'll try. I still get my 50 don't I?"
"Yes, now we may proceed."
"Up yours, you god damn Shiver scu..."
Thud! Thump! Crack! Thud!
"Now, this is the result of a civilian coming up against a well trained Shiver with a Pacifier Baton. Please report to your tutors for your assignments. Bates, Henderson... you two get this corpse out of here. It's bleeding on the crash mats."
Commander Cradle giving an introductory talk to trainee Shivers about the use of a Pacifier Baton, Mort 897 SD.
SLA Industries core rule book

"For though Eru appointed to you to die not in Eä, and no sickness may assail you, yet slain ye may be, and slain ye shall be: by weapon and by torment and grief..."
—The Doom of the Noldor in The Silmarillion

"If anything in this life is certain; if history has taught us anything, it's that you can kill anyone."

"How is it that...the character that you portray as the central main the protagonist of this fucking series...not to mention, Sean Bean is probably the probably among the highest if not THE highest paid actor on your payroll! He's on all the advertisements. Your press photos. He's on the goddamn cover of the FUCKING BOOK! And he doesn't make it past season one?!"
Larry Williams, speaking of Game of Thrones

"We are here for only a moment, visitors and strangers in the land as our ancestors were before us. Our days on Earth are like a shadow, gone so soon without a trace."
King David Chronicles

"Anyone can be killed."
"All Men Must Die"
Arya Stark, Game of Thrones

— Tagline for Book Four of Goblins

"Everyone's dying and I don't know how to stop it!"
Krillin, Dragon Ball Kai

"Why isn't George R. R. Martin on Twitter?"
"Because he already killed off 140 characters."
-Internet joke

"Hoping this is acceptable. Sorry for killing anyone/everyone you’re fond of."
-Wildbow's comments on writing a particularly traumatic chapter of Worm.

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