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Quotes: A Good Name for a Rock Band
Weird Al Yankovic: Hammond's got a mental rectal thermometer.
Mike Nelson: I used to play bass for Mental Rectal Thermometer.
Jurassic Park: Rifftrax Edition

Weird Al Yankovic: I stand by my filthy muppet innuendo
Mike Nelson: I used to play bass for Filthy Muppet Innuendo.
Jurassic Park: Rifftrax Edition

Mike Nelson: I used to play bass for Embryo Cold Storage.
Weird Al Yankovic: Do you even know how to play the bass?
Mike Nelson: Not a lick.
Jurassic Park: Rifftrax Edition

Quint:Hooper drives the boat, chief
Bill Corbett: Hooper Drives the Boat, Chief is the name of my irony-drenched emo band.
Jaws: Rifftrax Edition

Kevin Murphy: He's lapsing into Nicholson.
Mike Nelson: Lapsing Into Nicholson is the name of my emo band.

Leonidas: Submission?
Mike Nelson: That'd be a good name for a Muslim rock band.

"If I ever start up a punk band, one of the names I'll be sure to consider is the Invisible Flying Predators. (Also, I never plan to start up a punk band, so the name is up for grabs.)"
Albert Walker,, recaps Overlords of the UFO

"She likes cloth. That's a good band name."
Random guy #2,, Teen Girl Squad, "Issue 12"

"With the baby suffocating, Edward and co decide to perform a vampire cesarean. Jacob takes some time off to write down 'Vampire Cesarean' as a possible future name for his punk band, and then races to Bella's side in time to hear her spine break.

Tenth Doctor: Trickster is a creature from beyond the universe, forever trying to break into our reality, manifest himself. He's one of the Pantheon of Discord.
Clyde: That's a good name for a band.
Tenth Doctor: Actually, not bad.
The Sarah Jane Adventures, "The Wedding of Sarah-Jane Smith"

Paul: Lois Lane and the Resistance does sound a bit like a New Wave band.
Al: So does Wonder Woman and the Furies. Or Frankenstein and the Creatures of the Unknown. I think I saw them one time on Top of the Pops 2.

Wedge: What an exquisite name that would be for a rock band, no?
Eyrie Productions Unlimited Forums, 7/4/2002

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