Our Werebeasts Are Different: Film

  • Black Sheep (2007) has two characters becoming weresheep after being bitten by the titular killer ovines.
  • Cat People involved people that could turn into black panthers in sexual situations.
    • The 1982 film makes them ancestrally incestuous — only sex with another werecat prevents the transformation, and if a werecat has sex with a human, the only way they can change back from their panther form is to kill a human.
  • The Hideous Sun Demon (1959) features the only other were-lizard man. This one is caused by exposure to intense radiation, but unlike lunar-controlled wear-creatures, this one transforms when he is hit by the light of the SUN.
  • The Howling III: The Marsupials features were-thylacines (an extinct marsupial predator more commonly known as the Tasmanian Tiger).
  • Ladyhawke features a couple of young lovers cursed to take on animal form at different times, as to keep them apart; the man turns into a wolf at night, and the lady into a... guess what.
  • In the film The Secret Of Roan Inish the eponymous secret involves a selkie.
  • Track of the Moon Beast (1976) features a rare were-lizard man! Caused by being struck in the head by a radioactive chunk of moonrock!