No Export For You: Literature

  • The Norwegian series Phenomena has only been released in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Germany. It sells well in both Norway and Germany, but still no word of it ever to be given out in other countries.
  • Another Norwegian series Halvgudene has only been translated into Icelandic.
  • Despite excellent sales for Discworld novels in the United States, the spin-off series The Science Of Discworld is unavailable from most American booksellers.
  • Russian novel Loyal Enemies has been translated only to Polish so far and is available only in Eastern Europe.
  • While Harry Turtledove's Worldwar books were translated and released in the Russian-speaking countries. The Colonization series and Homeward Bound were not. The culprit here is not Turtledove or his publisher but the Russian publisher Eksmo, who bought the rights to the book and then sat on them (and are still sitting), refusing to translate and release the novels for "ideological reasons". They claim that they don't like how the USSR is portrayed in the novels, despite the fact that it was portrayed much worse in Worldwar (in fact, Russians are far from being central to the main plots of Colonization or Homeward Bound). Additionally, the existence of Nazi Germany in the 60s was claimed as "distasteful", despite the fact that there are plenty of Alternate History Russian novels that do the same.
  • A strange case: the final two (of five) novels in the Kantmorie series by American author Ansen Dibell (Tidestorm Limit and The Sun of Return) have only been published in Europe, and are only available in French and Dutch translations.
  • Some Rainbow Magic books haven't come out in the UK.
    • Return To Rainspell Island has yet to come out outside the UK.
    • A few series haven't made it to the US, such as the Talent Show Fairies, and a few books about fairies that protect the royal family..