Nightmare Fuel / The Stormlight Archive

"They are aflame. They burn. They bring the darkness when they come, and so all you can see is that their skin is aflame. Burn, burn, burn..."

Welcome to Roshar, a place of delightful highstorms and death. Just remember that all the Stormlight you can pay will never keep the monsters away.

This page is for the entire Stormlight Archive.

  • So many things, but we are given the first one straight away in the prologue - the Heralds are bound to some endless cycle of death, torture and rebirth. While alive, they fight horrific wars to stop the Desolations, and seem to be truly Blessed with Suck. The prologue ends with one poor bugger still bound to the cycle, with the others unable to continue. We see what's become of the poor guy by the end of The Way of Kings.
  • The death messages. Utterly terrifying things that people utter in their dying moments. They speak of the complete annihilation of Roshar at the hands of unstoppable forces.
  • The Alethi Thrill. It starts off being described as simple personal bloodlust: bad, but pretty normal for a warrior culture. But as time goes on, it becomes increasingly apparent what's going on: because of Odium's influence, war and violence have become literally addictive.
  • The Diagram. It was created by a man with less compassion than possibly Odium himself at a peak of intelligence the Shardholders might marvel at. It is so detailed that it can do things such as predict the future, unravel four millennia worth of mysteries about the Heralds, decode the cause of the Desolations, intuit the massacre of Surgebinders by Nalen (and dismiss it as shortsighted and foolish), and SOMEHOW glimpse the mental state of the only Herald to keep to the Oathpact. When he's on another planet/possibly in another dimension (Damnation/Braize). And it's multi-step plan to saving the world includes having a seemingly-invincible assassin kill off basically every ruler on the planet, plunging countless kingdoms into anarchic wars, and euthanizing thousands in a secret hospital to hear their dying order to conquer the order to save it from the coming Desolation. What sort of state will the survivors be in? And that's assuming that Odium didn't somehow manipulate the Diagram's creator into making it in the first place in order to have multiple factions of humanity fighting themselves while the Voidbringers walk all over them...