Quotes / The Stormlight Archive

"I will protect those who cannot protect themselves."
The Second Ideal of the Windrunners

"I will protect even those I hate so long as it is right."
The Third Ideal of the Windrunners

"I will hold the law above all else."
The Second Ideal of the Skybreakers

"I will remember those who have been forgotten."
The Second Ideal of the Edgedancers

"I will listen to those who have been ignored."
The Third Ideal of the Edgedancers

"Lightweavers make no oaths beyond the first. You must speak truths."
Pattern answering Shallan's question on additional oaths

"I will unite instead of divide. I will bring men together."
The Second Ideal of the Bondsmiths

"Find the most important words a man can say."
King Galivar's dying wish to his brother, Dalinar

"The sun approaches the horizon. The Everstorm comes. The True Desolation. The Night of Sorrows."
The Almighty's words to Dalinar

"A dun sphere after a Highstorm. And a man living who should have been dead. Two impossibilities. Together, they bespoke something that should be even more impossible."
Teft right after Kaladin's "execution"

"Speak again the ancient oaths and return to men the Shards they once bore. The Knights Radiant must stand again."

"They will come you cannot stop their oaths look for those who survive when they should not that pattern will be your clue"
The Diagram

"Hello. Would you like to destroy some evil today?"