Nightmare Fuel / The Mountain Goats

  • "Pure Love:"
    Hey, what are you doing, my love?
    Hey, didn't I just tell you that such a thing would be over and above what's called for in this case?
    Pull the ski mask away from your face.
    It won't be necessary.
  • "Cut Off Their Thumbs" is about a hostage situation that almost surely will not end well.
  • The terrifyingly calm narrator of "Ezekiel 7 and the Permanent Efficacy of Grace."
    "Someone will need to mop this floor for me."
  • The live cover of Furniture Huschle's "Terror Song."
  • The last verse of "Autoclave:"
    I dreamt that I was perched atop a throne of human skulls
    On a cliff above the ocean, howling wind and shrieking seagulls
    And the dream went on forever, one single static frame
  • "New World Emerging Blues"
  • "The Autopsy Garland:"
    You don't want to see these guys without their masks on... or their gloves
    • Understandable when you realize that the guys in question are doctors performing the titular autopsy.
      • Actually, it's even worse given background context. According to John's tumblr "The song is directly about the death of Judy Garland in London in 1969. Judy Garland met a lot of people throughout her life who treated her badly: who abused her from a very early age. In the hands of these people she never had a chance. These are the people who you do not want to see without masks."
  • "Song For My Stepfather" is just horrifying, especially because of the last verse:
    You can go ahead and hit him
    He feels no pain at all
    You erase me
    You erase me
  • The completely unhinged narrator from "Werewolf Gimmick", starting with the very first line.
    I was not there for rehearsal, I don't need it any more...