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Nightmare Fuel: mothy
  • The top example is probably Conchita eating herself
    • Oh there's far more with Conchita. Her grotesque tastes her powers as Necromancer, which she uses to decimate an army, the fact that she punishes undead soldiers by eating parts of them while they are conscious and that she simply refuses to die thanks to a Healing Factor granted through her Deal with the Devil. In the novel, her cannibalism of Carlos, Arte and Pollo is nothing but Nightmare Fuel. Conchita is more of a monster than a human by the end of her arc.
    • The worst part? Even in death, she wins. She gets exactly what she wanted, she isn't punished and heck, she even kills the Demon of Gluttony itself. By eating it!
  • The Madness of Duke Venomania is pretty disturbing as well, with the title character making a Deal with the Devil in order to lure women into his harem and keep them as sex slaves.
    • If The Madness of Duke Venomania scared you, then I have great news for you! There's a WMG claiming that Duke Venomania's Misaimed Fandom is the result of his charms having an effect in the real world, meaning that The Fourth Wall Will Not Protect You from him!
    • Not to mention that the preview for the new Duke Venomania manga reveals that to activate these powers he had to stab himself in the chest with the Venom Sword. And he was totally okay with this too.
    • And the Venomania stuff just keeps getting worse! There is a lesbian character in the novel called Lolam Eve. The brainwashing Venomania does to her has to be extra-powerful to make her forget her sexuality, and her mental burden over being brainwashed into this heterosexual affair is so great she often is found lying still on the floor and eventually just... Doesn't wake up one morning. What makes this worse is that the Venom sword keeps its victims brainwashed through regular sexual intercourse. What would normally be Unfortunate Implications is made Nightmare Fuel in this novel, ladies and gentlemen!
  • Allen's fate in Story of Evil.
  • Tailor Shop on Enbizaka. ALL OF IT.
  • Madame Merry Go-Round. Especially the end: " If you can't leave the amusement park, don't blame me..."
  • Margarita systematically poisoning everyone in her entire town in Gift from Princess Sleep-Bringer, and then she felt incredibly happy for it and poisoned herself too.
  • Mothy's crown jewel of NF would be Red Shoes Parade. As cheerful as it sounds, once you realize exactly what's going on, it ends up making Conchita sound like a Sesame Street song.
  • The song Flames of Yellow Phosphorus on its own is just sad, but the PV is truly disturbing.
  • In Capriccio Face, we have Conchita's servants. Especially Len.
  • Gallerian's slasher smiles. Especially THIS ONE.
  • Flower of the Plateau, in which Mikulia kills two people, an ex-suitor/client and her own son because they're the only ones who know that she used to be a prostitute. The imagery really doesn't help.
    A flower must NOT be unsightly...
  • The Master of the Hellish Yard is as terrifying as she is awesome. Seriously, just look at her. And to think, that's Gumi under there!
  • The ending of Retrouver of Silver, the manga story in the guidebook, in which Ney stabs Mariam in the back while grinning maniacally.
  • The ending to Wendy. Wendy (played by Rin) tries to follow Peter Pan out of her room. But then reality ensues, she falls out of the window and dies. And it's all sung to an endlessly cheery beat.
  • Handbeat Clocktower, manages to make Ney even more terrifying than she already was. Apparently, she managed to get a hold of Conchita's glass and uses its power to possess the dead!
  • In The Escape of Salmhofer, the Witch, we see Seth Twiright (played by Kiyoteru Hiyama) smiling creepily as he offers Meta (the mother whose babies were stolen in Moonlit Bear) to become his lab rat.
  • In Project [MA], it is revealed that Eve was the original MA and became pregnant with twins but lost them due to the side-effects of a brainwashing drug given to her by the scientist in charge of her. The scientist? Adam Moonlit.
  • Even the novels aren't safe! Clarith's reaction when she hears about Michaela's death? She tries to bite her own tongue out! Even the soldiers holding her hostage were freaked out!
  • Blood-Stained Switch. Where to begin? The protagonist has a psychological disorder that causes a murderous alternate personality to take control of her body at random intervals, and even though the protagonist tries to fight against her, she can't keep her in check. Said alternate personality proceeds to brutally murder her father, leaving his corpse so badly mangled that it's not even recognisable as a human body any more and instead looks like "a pulpy lump of blood and flesh". The protagonist then receives medication that is supposed to subdue her alternate self, but even this doesn't work. In the end it is implied that the protagonist is killed because there is no way of keeping her alternate personality in control. Honestly, pretty much everything about this song is creepy.
  • The ambiguity of MA, the Sorceress of Time, as to who and what she is. Her creepy expressions whenever she appears don't help matters.
  • Just when you thought Hansel and Gretel couldn't get any creepier, they pull faces like THIS in the "Waltz of Evil" guidebook. It just looks so...wrong
  • Hansel and Gretel's reincarnations, Arte and Pollo, are even worse than their originals. Delightfully serve Conchita, and command her undead army. The scene in which they are chasing Platonic is like something out of a Slasher Movie, filled with childlike "Hide-and-Seek" dialogue from them (keep in mind, they are around their mid 20s) and they keep Hansel and Gretel's trait of smiling unsettingly.
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