Nightmare Fuel / mothy

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  • The song Flames of Yellow Phosphorus on its own is just sad, but the PV is truly disturbing.
  • The ending to Wendy. When she jumped out the window earlier in the song, she died. Her spirit waves goodbye to the mourners before flying away. And it's all sung to an endlessly cheery beat.
  • The "Gakupo Monster" and "Type-L" (Len's character) in "Screws Gears and Pride". It's strongly implied the former was sent to kill the two Rins for being defective and the latter is so ambivalent during the song—coupled with him standing near the monster—as to make him seem evil.
    • Type-L's expression as well as the extremely cryptic lyrics to his verse only make him seem more evil—he sounds so...dismissive and apathetic to the two Rins, whilst simultaneously showing a slightly creepy interest in them.