Nightmare Fuel / Evillious Chronicles
"Where are you going with that glass, Mr. Grapple?"

From cannibalism to rape to just plain old demonic possession, there's a wealth of creepiness to be had in this series...

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  • Conchita eating herself. Her grotesque tastes outside of cannibalism are also completely revolting.
    • Many find the original EFEC song, with its disturbing lyrics and Banica's Descent into Cannibalism, to be nightmare fuel enough for this arc, let alone the content of the novel.
  • The entirety of "The Lunacy of Duke Venomania" is pretty disturbing as well, with the title character making a Deal with the Devil in order to lure women into his harem and keep them as sex slaves.
  • Allen's fate in the Story of Evil.
    • And what Riliane did to Elphegort.
    • Riliane's tyrannical reign in general, where she executes innocent people for the flimsiest reasons, including Allen's crush. Seeing her in the manga declare she was dead serious about executing Allen—for not letting her win at tag—was chilling.
    • Wiegenlied isn't safe either. Clarith's reaction when she hears about Michaela's death? She tries to bite her own tongue out! Even the soldiers holding her hostage were freaked out!
  • Ney Futapie is a fountain of Nightmare Fuel, from her maniacal murder of Michaela in Wiegenlied of Green to raising the dead while laughing in Praeludium of Red.
  • "The Tailor of Enbizaka." ALL OF IT.
  • Margarita systematically poisoning everyone in her entire town in "Gift from the Princess who Brought Sleep," and then she felt incredibly happy for it and poisoned herself too.
    • After working on illustrations for the novel, Ichika has even said she finds Margarita the most terrifying of all the sinners. This in comparison to Banica Conchita.
  • "Red Shoe Parade." As cheerful as it sounds, once you realize exactly what's going on, it ends up making "Conchita" sound like a Sesame Street song.
  • In "Capriccio Farce," we have Conchita's servants. Especially the male one.
  • Gallerian's slasher smiles. Especially THIS ONE.
  • "Flower of the Plateau," in which Mikulia kills two people, her old employer and her own son because they're the only ones who know that she used to be a prostitute. The imagery doesn't help.
    • The below reveal that Mikulia succumbed to Death by Childbirth and that it was actually Eve really doesn't help.
  • In "The Escape of Salmhofer, the Witch," we see Seth Twiright (played by Hiyama Kiyoteru) smiling creepily as he offers to let Meta become his lab rat.
  • In "Project 'MA'", it is revealed that Eve's supposedly loving relationship with Adam started when he gave her a brainwashing drug called Venom, so she'd be easier to manipulate as Ma.
  • Just when you thought Hansel and Gretel couldn't get any creepier, they pull faces like THIS in the "Waltz of Evil" guidebook. It just looks so...wrong.
  • "Blood-Stained Switch." Where to begin? The protagonist has a psychological disorder that causes a murderous alternate personality to take control of her body at random intervals, and even though the protagonist tries to fight against her, she can't keep her in check. Said alternate personality proceeds to brutally murder her father, leaving his corpse so badly mangled that it's not even recognizable as a human body anymore and instead looks like "a pulpy lump of blood and flesh". The protagonist then receives medication that is supposed to subdue her alternate self, but even this doesn't work.
  • The ambiguity of Ma, the Sorceress of Time, as to who and what she is. Her creepy expressions whenever she appears don't help matters.
  • Kayo Sudou deserves special mention for having some decidedly creepy scenes in the yonkoma. Though they're Played for Laughs, it descends into Fridge Horror when you realize that one of them has her following her 'lover' all around town, even when he's taking a bath, and he doesn't seem to notice. Just how long has she been stalking him for?
  • "The Muzzle of Nemesis" features a younger Nemesis smiling sweetly after she kills her own half-sister with a giant, magical octopus.
    • Going into this a little further, the whole sequence that focuses on Gallerian and his already creepy "doll obsession" has Nemesis' voice becoming warped from the rest of the song, and features a shot of the real Michelle screaming in terror as she’s about to drown.
  • "And Then the Girl Went Mad -End of a Moonlit Night-" showcases Ma's horribleparenting skills; namely, she completely abandons Nemesis in their house in the woods, alone, until she slowly starts to go insane and forgets how to feel any emotion except... wrath. Even worse is the fact that Nemesis starts hallucinating that Hansel and Gretel are taunting her and mocking her for being abandoned.
  • The Muzzle of Nemesis album booklet reveals that Nemesis eventually became the Evillious equivalent of Adolf Hitler (complete with being referred to as a "Fuhrer"). She also ends up creating a superweapon known as "Punishment" that could potentially cause the destruction of Evillious itself; during the test run, it burned an entire forest to the ground.
    • And according to Seven Crimes and Punishments? She succeeded.
  • The instrumental "Welcome to the Forest" that opens the "Evils Forest" album. It starts out like a cute, happy romp you would hear in an adventure story. Then it begins to dissipate into something that sounds like it would be right at home in a horror movie. Fittingly enough, it leads into "Master of the Graveyard".
  • The premise behind "Survival 'MA' -Who Will Survive?-". Four women are competing for the right to give birth to the Twin Gods, and all of them are stated as becoming downright demonic in their drive. Even more horrifying, Irina kills all of the contestants, orchestrating Ly Li's death by falling off a cliff, Milky's apparent death by hanging, and literally stabbing Elluka (her own sister-in-law) in the back, shown to do it with a huge Slasher Smile in the PV.
  • Full-Moon Laboratory is pretty creepy, especially since it's out of context of the rest of the series. The Rin-character up trying to revive something (or someone) in a lab? Staining her robes with blood doing so?
    • "La la la la la la la lu lu lu..."
    • One of the lyrics in the first verse is "I will destroy one thing and create something else". Later, she says "I will destroy one thing and keep on destroying". A small aspect of the song, but ominous nonetheless.
  • Kayo's ultimate fate as revealed in "The Weathered Head at Onigashima". She was caught for her crimes, beheaded and her head was hung up in a gibbet and left to rot.
  • While there are high-tension points at several places in the story, it's especially creepy to see the Irregular that was born from the Clockworker's Doll in the "Seven Crimes and Punishments" story's final Wrath chapter. There's just something awfully uncanny about him and how he chases Hansel and Allen brokenly calling for his mother, the doll.
  • Levia and Behemo's backstory in "Barisol's Child is an Only Child". In particular, the fact that Levia was mentioned to have been turning into a HER and the implication that Behemo murdered his own girlfriend for not letting him wear her clothes.