Heartwarming / The Mountain Goats

  • "San Bernadino."
    We were safe inside
    And our new son cried,
    "San Bernadino welcomes you"
  • "Going to Georgia."
    The most remarkable thing about you standing in the doorway
    Is that it's you, and that you're standing in the doorway
  • "Sax Rohmer #1."
    I am coming home to you
    If it's the last thing that I do
  • Depending on your interpretation, "1 Samuel 15:23" can be this, especially the final verse:
    My house will be for all people who have nowhere to go
    My supply of shining crystals a shield against the snow
    There's more like me where I come from, so mark our shapes
    Go down to the netherworld, plant grapes
  • "Color In Your Cheeks," which is about a drug house that serves as a haven for outcasts.
    They came in by the dozens, walking or crawling
    Some were bright-eyed, some were dead on their feet
    And they came from Zimbabwe or from Soviet Georgia
    East St. Louis or from Paris or they lived across the street
    But they came, and when they finally made it here
    It was the least we could do to make our welcome clear
  • The entirety of "Never Quite Free". Everything about it is so soft and calming.
    It's so good to learn
    That right outside your window
    There's only friendly fields and open roads
    And you'll sleep better when you think
    You've stepped back from the brink
    And found some peace inside yourself
    Lay down your heavy load
    • John has said in concert that he doesn't understand why fans find this one heartwarming, because the theme is that past trauma will always be there ("But when you see him, you'll know"), but that's exactly what makes it so touching— even if things will never be perfect, that doesn't mean they can't be honestly good.
  • "You Were Cool" is about someone telling a friend who was bullied in high school that they deserved better, and celebrating that their lives got better.
  • "Amy, a.k.a. Spent Gladiator 1," which is essentially about finding whatever small joys and coping mechanisms are necessary to make life worth living, no matter what. It comes across as extremely genuine and extremely caring.
  • "Absolute Lithops Effect", with some Moment of Awesome thrown in as well.
    And I feel sure that my wounds will heal
    And I will bloom here in my room
    With a little water and a little bit of sunlight
    And a little bit of tender mercy, tender mercy
  • "Animal Mask," a song about the spontaneous formation of a wrestling tag team - and a father seeing his child for the first time, in the delivery room.
  • "There Will Be No Divorce", about a rekindled romance late at night.
    And I felt young and alive
    And the hair stood up on the back of my neck
    We were rising from the grave
    Yeah, yeah