Nightmare Fuel / The Force Unleashed
This is an optional character skin for Starkiller.
  • Facing Starkiller's Evil Doppelgänger, who lets out quite a few animalistic screeches and yells throughout the whole fight, in the Jedi Temple. And the aftermath where Starkiller briefly hallucinates that he's become him.
    Dark Apprentice: You will never escape me.
  • In the Dark Side Ending, Emperor Palpatine turning Starkiller into a cyborg, as Starkiller screams in terror and agony.
  • The Sarlacc's stomach is inordinately creepy, starting with the masses of tentacles that reach out and fall just short of actually engulfing you.
  • The second game has more examples, being Darker and Edgier.
    • Starkiller explores the Dark Side Cave of Dagobah, where he encounters many other clones that are entangled by vines and eerily calling out for help.
    • The first time you're on the Salvation; it's dark, you're mostly alone, and your comlink occasionally broadcasts Rebel soldiers as they're being butchered by unseen forces. They don't call them 'Terror Troopers' for nothing. The fact that you're up against the most ruthless bounty hunter in the galaxy doesn't help even if you don't end up fighting him at all.
    • On Kamino, as Starkiller walks through a hallway, he's occasionally haunted by Juno and Kota's voices berating him. There's also a few surprise attacks from an illusionary Darth Vader and the cloning tanks you find along the way. The mist, creepy music, and haunting atmosphere make it all the more chilling.
    • In the Dark Side Ending, Vader's true apprentice just looks at Juno's dead body with absolute contempt before moving on, even though he's also a clone of Starkiller. He was hiding there the whole time and was able to take out both Starkiller and Kota almost effortlessly.