Nightmare Fuel: The Black Hole

  • The exact nature of the crew of the Cygnus. Lobotomized by Reinhardt into mindless, subservient drones who can only continue to perform their tasks aboard the ship.
    • The ending of the film with regard to these poor souls does not help in the slightest. The last we see of Reinhardt and Maximillian is Reinhardt's eyes darting madly to and fro from within Maximilian's visor, undeniably insane, as the new entity rules over the wreckage of the Cygnus, and its mindless, but entirely innocent crew in what looks to be a massive fiery cavern.
      • That's only Nightmare Fuel if you assume the figures seen in the hellscape are the actual crew members' souls, and not just another element of the environment custom-made to torment Reinhardt himself. It's possible that their actual spirits departed their bodies when they underwent the brain surgery that turned them into drones, long before the Cygnus entered the black hole.
  • Just the brief glimpse of the "humanoid-robot's" face when Durant removes the reflective faceplate; although still clearly alive, the crewman's face almost looks like a corpse, and the eyes seem on the verge of hemorrhaging.
    • He's played by the director of the movie!
  • Maximillian, just by himself, is a perfect example. Between the whirly-blades, immunity to lasers, some lasers of his own, a single glowing red eye with a particularly intimidating furrowed shape, the menacing hum of the servos as he moves, and the way he just keeps coming while completely ignoring terrain, and eventually engulfs his own creator and presides over hell itself, how could you not have nightmares for years afterwards?
    • Then there is his execution of Durant, which prompts Reinhardt himself to beg for protection from his creation. (Although he might just be playing the sympathy card — he curses out Maximilian for killing Alex, but Alex had just found out Reinhardt's secret.)
  • Dr. Reinhardt's pleas to Kate to protect him from Maximillian are another case of Nightmare Fuel should they be taken at face value, considering the possibility of spending decades practically all alone and having to look constantly over your shoulder to make sure your physically superior Dragon isn't trying to kill you.
  • What makes this all the more unsettling is that the movie was produced by Disney!