Nightmare Fuel / Black Christmas (2006)

  • Melissa's death in the UK edition. After having a bag pulled over her head, she gets her eyes ripped out, and is subsequently dragged kicked and screaming down the hallway by her bleeding sockets.
  • Billy strangling his abusive mother and beating her with a rolling pin? Awesome. Making cookies out of her flesh? Creepy... or Black Comedy, depending on who you ask.
  • Everything about Billy abducting/attacking Agnes, who at that point is a little girl.
    • Specifically; Agnes hears a rustling noise behind the christmas tree, she peers through the branches, and Billy is staring right back at her, which a lot of first-time viewers miss. When their parents hear her screaming and come back down, he's just gouged one of her eyes out with a tree ornament, he then pops the eye into his mouth, before taking out both his parents.