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Nightmare Fuel: SourceFed
Inevitably, some stories fall under this:
  • Crazy people are... Well, crazy. But when one of them stabs himself over 50 times, and then throw his own intestines at the cops sent to arrest him... Both Joe and Elliott are very disturbed by this story.
  • One guy tried to eat someone's face.
  • Transforming your dead cat into an helicopter is not right. And freaking disturbing.
  • A (former) Porn Star killed his gay lover, ate some parts of him, dismembered him, and they sent parts of his body to local politicians. And he filmed it. (Link)
  • Steve has given off the impression that he is afraid of having children, many times.
  • During the Forging Daggers with MAN AT ARMS video, Tony Swatton tells them the story of a producer who threw his common sense in the trash and ended up hurting himself terribly. Wondering if a knife is sharp? Hey, why not trying to slide the blade on your own bare hand in order to check the sharpness? Congratulations! You cut your thumb to the bone! After getting first-aid and bandages, he grabs a piece of boiling hot steel (by boiling hot, we mean 900 degrees) with the same hand, and has his skin peeled off. It gets worse! Screaming, he decides to plunge his maimed hand into a barrel of water... except that he instead plunged it into a barrel of acid. Thrisha and Meg are horrified. Cue Mood Whiplash.
    Bryan: And I'll be Tony in this situation: No... Stop... *cue laughter*
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