YMMV / SourceFed

  • Abandon Shipping: Played with. #Weina was never serious since Reina already had a boyfriend, but the hosts and fans often used it has a joke. When Reina announced she was engaged the jokes came to a halt.
  • Acceptable Political Targets: Donald Trump
  • Archive Binge: With thousands of videos, for an average length of 4:00 minutes per video (including Comment Commentaries and others longer videos)... Let's just say it would take several months to watch all of them.
    • Go on to include the videos that span the multiple spinoff channels and you're looking at more videos than you could feasably watch.
  • Broken Base
    • The fanbase will fight to the death about whether or not the channel has dropped in quality since all the original host except Steve have left.
  • Ensemble Darkhorse: Steve got a lot of love in each video he appeared in, so much that he ended up joining the main cast.
    • Anyone from around the office that is on camera. Including but not limited to; Sophia, Rickey, Daren, and Dani.
    • Special mention to Mike Falzone who is arguably the most well received addition since Steve became a host.
  • Hollywood Homely: Bree Essrig looks more than a little like Felicia Day, but a big part of her comedy portrays her as anywhere from plain to outright repulsive. In one sketch, Steve Zaragoza actually vomited on her. Her first appearance in a "Santa Steve" sketch ended with even more cruelty.
  • Ho Yay: Elliot and Joe during the whole "Big Boobs Get Lady Fired" video, where each of them calls the other one sexier.
    "We are sexy. We should be fired. Togetheeeeeeer".
  • Most Annoying Sound: When Lee is mimicking a dolphin, Joe sure does thinks it's easily the worst sound he ever heard.
  • Never Live It Down: In the E3: NINTENDO! video of 2012, Elliot is thrilled by the announcement that Mass Effect 3 will a launch title. He then adds that he can't imagine the game without a new gameplay twist...
    Elliot: ... or ending *nudge nudge*
  • Shocking Swerve: Any time a host leaves the channel. You never see it coming; you might even think its just one of their usual bits, until they are gone.
  • Stuck in Their Shadow: This goes for any host who wasn't a member of the original 6. Elliott, Joe, Lee, Steve, Trisha, and Meg. The vast majority of the fanbase believe no new group of hosts will surpass the original team. Even when we currently have standouts like Will, Maude, and Sam; all of whom are generally liked.
  • They Changed It, Now It Sucks: When team members leave, the show's fora are inundated with this. On the other hand, DeFranco has always encouraged people to think of SF as a springboard for people's careers, similar to Saturday Night Live and The Daily Show.