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Nightmare Fuel: Rock-A-Doodle
  • The Grand Duke is one of the most frightening creations to come out of Don Bluth's imagination. Except for the part where he gets shrunk down to three inches in height and then cartoonishly chased away by his nephew right after his One-Winged Angel act. Isn't it a rule that the villain gets a more dignified death?
    • For more than a decade the Grand Duke was responsible for my little sister's deep and abiding fear of organ music.
    • This troper found the Duke's Lucky Charms breath scary as hell. Think about it: a force that could summon storms and turn kids into kittens comes with little stars, hearts and other brightly-colored symbols?! It was my first experience of Light Is Not Good and it freaked me the *** out.
    • What about when the Grand Duke drops his hamminess and strangles Edmund with his magic?!
    • The following line:
    Duke: (after stealing a phone from the animals) Hello, kitty? It's the Duke. I have some rather bad news I'm afraid. *Ahem* When the batteries expire, so will your friends. Toodle-loo, cheerio. bye!. (bites the chord of the phone while grinning like a psychopath)
    Edmund: (sounding appropriately frightened) Oh no...
  • I can't be the only one who finds Snipes's panic attack in the chest disturbing, as he pecks holes in it causing water to gush in.
    • The water itself, oddly enough, is scary. For small children who watched this movie, the idea that their homes and parents could be impermanent is disturbing enough, without a veritable biblical flood swamping Edmund's town. It doesn't help that the water is colored black.
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