Nightmare Fuel / The Secret of NIMH

  • The tractor scene, with the heavily rotoscoped tractor slowly creeping through the field and deliberately clashing with the rest of the film's Disneyesque style. And it all takes place from the perspective of the animals, turning a simple farming job into Armageddon as The Shrew runs through the field screaming "THE PLOW IS HERE!!"
    • Jerry Goldsmith's score for the scene, especially the Scare Chord to accompany the tractor turning over. And even before that is the distant, ominous sound of the farmer trying to start it, warning Mrs. Brisby and The Shrew of it's looming threat.
  • Jenner, for his actions, demeanor, and utter ruthlessness in getting what he wants. In the scene where he tells Sullivan about his plan to kill Nicodemus, he tells about how the Brisby house will "crush his bones" while pulling off a Nightmare Face. When asked what to do about Justin, Jenner's response is an echoing "Leave him to me... to me... to me..."
  • The Great Owl, from the perspective of a little field mouse like Mrs. Brisby, really is a Great Wyrm (minus the firebreathing). His opening act is messily crushing a spider right next to Mrs. Brisby and it gets worse from there. But perhaps the most shiver-inducing scene is before we ever see him. When Mrs. Brisby calls into the seemingly bottomless dark hole that is his lair, this drifts up almost lazily from within:

    Step inside my house.

  • The spider that he crushes is even more frightening.
  • Dragon, the farmer's massive cat. It's much worse than it sounds.
    • He was really scary! Especially when he was chasing Ms Brisby and the close ups of his nightmare face!
      • The chase scene wasn't even all that bad, at least compared to the buildup. There was a fakeout with the rabbit, and then a slow buildup of Dragon creeping up, the audience only able to watch as the cat got ever closer. He doesn't even sound like a cat. More like a Hellhound. In the novel, the Fitzgibbons' only named the kitten "Dragon" for a joke.
  • Mrs. Brisby's encounter with Brutus, who's seemingly hellbent on outright killing the frightened and defenseless mouse when she comes to seek out Nicodemus, and she just barely escapes his rampage.
    • His blank, expressionless eyes and dark visage make it all the more terrifying.
    • Not to mention his chosen weapon, an electrified spear.
  • The sequence describing the rats' experience at NIMH. Starts off with sad imagery of animals in too-small cages, then they show a rat being injected with God-knows-what and the Disney Acid Sequence begins.
    • The rats being shown bending over in agony while clutching their red-glowing abdomens as the drugs take effect, with the rising heartbeat sound, is horrifically visceral. If music hadn't been playing, the audience would obviously be hearing their screams.
      • For the most part the rats' eyes in this sequence are dark, like real rats' eyes, but later they're shown like this. The poor creature is obviously frightened and confused.
  • The scene where most of the mice (except Jonathan and Mr. Ages) are blown away in the air shaft during the escape.
  • The expression on Jenner's face as he is killed by the knife Sullivan threw into his back.
  • The thought of four children trapped with their house sinking into the mud is unsettling in itself. Even more so if you put yourself in Mrs. Brisby's situation.
    Cynthia: What's all that black stuff?