Awesome / Rock-A-Doodle

  • Chanticleer finally causing the sun to rise at the end. He's so charged with energy he rockets through the Duke's minions that were pinning him underwater and flies through the air like a streak of light. His call raises the sun and a beam of sunlight strikes the living tornado Duke dead on.
  • After the Grand Duke is turned into a tiny owl, he's surrounded by the farm animals, who frighten him as he falls into the water. He tries to swim away...passing his nephew, Hunch, who promptly picks him up, apparently intending to eat him.
    Duke: (in a squeaky voice) Hunch! It's me, Uncle Dukey!
    Hunch: (drops the Duke in disbelief) Uncle Dukey? (laughs as he holds his Swiss Army Weapon with a fly swatter attachment behind his back) C'mere. (swats at his now much-smaller uncle with it)
    Duke: Hunch, no! (is chased out of the film by his maniacally-laughing, flyswatter-wielding nephew.)