Nightmare Fuel / Puella Magi Kazumi Magica
Chapter one starts off with amnesia, kidnapping, bombs, and giant bug people. What a lighthearted series!
Considering the size of the parent series' Nightmare Fuel page, it was only a matter of time before the spinoffs followed suit.

  • In chapter 5, at the end of Airi's flashback after making a wish to become Yuuri, the scene skips forward to Airi laughing maniacally while drinking a witch's blood. The scene becomes creepier when you consider that witches used to be Puella Magi before succumbing to despair. Cannabalism, anyone?
    • Made worse in chapter 14 when Satomi calls Kazumi using the other clones to regenerate her body "eating" them.
  • In chapter 6, when Kazumi tries to turn Yuuri, aka Airi, back into a magical girl after she's already become a witch.
  • In chapter 7, the sight of Souju Ayase's collection of dozens of Soul Gems. Knowing what Soul Gems are, that is extremely disturbing. How many of her victims are lying comatose by the side of a road somewhere?
  • The reveal at the end of chapter 9 that all the girls attacked by the Pleiades are put into the "Freezer" underground.
  • Chapter 11 has Kazumi forcing the Pleiades to fight familiars and a witch with magical guns (that, unfortunately, do run out of ammo) while they're still ordinary girls, and they sustain very damaging wounds in the process. Granted, it's to help them realize their will to live, but it was incredibly harsh.
  • The end of chapter 12—both for Satomi casually suggesting she and Saki kill Kazumi, and for the look on her face. If there was a Love Triangle, there would be no difference between Satomi and Irisu.
  • Chapter 13 reveals that Kazumi is apparently the 13th of a row of clones stuffed with witch meat. Nice.
    • The chapter then ends with the rest of the Kazumi clones ominously approaching the current Kazumi as Satomi tells her its time for her to die. Beforehand, there's also Satomi who until the previous chapter had been presented as the least confrontational of the girls brainwashing Saki into going after Kazumi in a way that resembles Demonic Possession.
  • In chapter 14, Kazumi is forced by Satomi to kill the other clones when Satomi possesses her body and uses the various powers of the Pleiades to slaughter them. What's worse is that the clones are still mentally aware and even ask Kazumi to kill them. Kazumi even begins to revert into a witch-like being, like the others, but she uses Niko's regeneration powers to turn her body back into a more human form before Satomi stabs her and the final clone through the chest, leaving them bleeding out on the floor.
  • Chapter 18 has Saki turning into a witch under the influence of an Evil Nut. In one panel, you can see her veins bulge and pulse as she transforms. And while a giant ball with a mouth and ornate flowers on it is more scary to some than others, it doesn't take long for the thing to chomp Mirai's head off and then let the headless corpse fall to the ground - complete with a splatter of blood.
  • In Chapter 19, all the newly formed witches turning on Saki's witch and ripping her body to pieces is a horrifying sight. And when the witch tries to end her own life, she bleeds with maniacal laughter.
    • Juubey's body slowly tearing up as he dissolves into two Grief Seeds. The fact that he calmly states how he has no idea what's going on doesn't help either!
  • When Kyubey reveals that the Magical Girls arranged that nobody in the Asunaro City (including themselves) can see Kyubey and also "making the rules" the process of cleaning the gems should be through Juubey, it means the other Magical Girls face dead end horribly. They can't clean their gems because they don't remember how nor given advice by Kyubey. And considering Juubey belongs to the Pleiades Sisters exclusively, their fate will end in the hand of "Magical Girl Huntress" Pleiades Sisters. So either they will become witches sooner, or they will end up in the freezer.
    • And guess what: Kanna Clone turns ALL of the frozen girls and Soul Gem into "Hyades Dawn", an extraordinaire witch that is born by an accumulation of the witches. So it means A LOT of (magical) girls are dead for nothing. Their fates are sealed, at least until Kazumi becomes a real Magical Girl.
  • Crossing over with Tearjerker: the girls' wishes hammer home how brutal and "unfair" magic is in this setting (for storytelling standards, anyway). Normally, a Be Careful What You Wish For plot centres around greedy or selfish characters getting their comeuppance, while more modest and altruistic types are rewarded for their humility and kindness. The main Madoka characters made fairly spectacular wishes — defying their own death, mind control, a medical miracle, the reconstruction of the universe — that they had no way of achieving themselves. The show even made a point of explaining why all but the last of these wishes were selfish. But most of the Kazumi girls ask only for seemingly-reasonable assistance. Umika probably has one of the most innocuous wishes in the series, one that should be entirely achievable without magic: she can write her stories herself, she just asks to find an editor that won't screw her over. The we come to the little-bit-of-magic wishes. Kaoru is unconcerned with her own weakened state; she just ensures that her teammates are all right. Saki doesn't ask for her sister to come back from the dead; she just wants to retain a memento. Mirai wants a place to put stuff. Michiru specifically avoided a back-from-the-dead/medical miracle wish in favour of one chance to say goodbye. Only Satomi and Niko ask for outlandish requests (animal speak and a clone). Does this spare them from their grisly fates? Nope — you're still a magical girl, you still used magic to get what you wanted, and you're still going to be killed or witchified. The only nod to this "sensible wishing is the order in which the girls fall. The more powerful the wish, the more quickly they despair: Niko first, then Satomi, Saki and Mirai, with the other three surviving, but presumably living under the same death sentence as any other magical girl, Bittersweet Ending notwithstanding.