Nightmare Fuel / Proven Guilty

  • The results of the spiritual mauling of the fetches' and Molly's various victims, particularly one girl who was driven into a permanent state of catatonia. In Harry's own words, "She's not coming back."
  • Lloyd Slate's fate. He was a bastard, but nobody deserves that.
  • When Harry looks at a heroin addict with the Sight, her addiction manifests as green-black veins under her skin ending at dozens of tiny, hungry mouths opening and closing where her needle tracks were in the real world.
  • Murphy gets taken off the Splattercon!!! investigation as punishment for disappearing all day into the Nevernever, so she isn't on hand to spin things in a way that could exonerate Nelson. Considering he went crazy in the wake of Molly's mind-tampering and wandered away from the convention in a fit of paranoia, he probably doesn't have an alibi for the other attacks either, so may have wound up blamed for the murders as well as the theater-owner's beating.
  • At Molly's trial, the Merlin shows he is not a runner for the Reasonable Authority Figure he's been building himself up to be. When Harry finishes his speech and beat the Merlin at his own game, the Merlin moves to have Molly executed immediately, just to spite Harry. Thank God, literally, that The Cavalry showed up in time.
    • And even worse that that? Think about who this is. Just for a few moments. This is the Merlin, leader of the White Council, the closest thing to actual 'good guys' the Dresdenverse has to offer, at least on a large-scale. He's the wizard who once held off the entire Red Court with a single, improvised ward. And he's the kind of guy who'll execute a young girl for trying to use black magic to HELP PEOPLE, when she couldn't have known better, during a War when he's in desperate need of soldiers, just to spite someone who really hasn't earned his ire, and has been doing everything in his power to stay the Hell away from him and his politics ever since. Yes, he started said War, but that's no reason to take it out on Molly. And he's the leader of the good guys.
      • Consider another possibility: Although to Harry's viewpoint it just looks like the Merlin is confirming his Jerk with a Heart of Jerk credentials, this is occurring during the period when Peabody is influencing the Senior Council to make bad choices by hyping their worst character traits. The Merlin might actually not have made the decision he did if all else was normal. It was literally an act of divine intervention that saved him from his own worst self. And on a related note, if Peabody had gotten to the other Senior Councillors before they had a chance to vote, it could have gone against Harry anyway.
      • What's worse? He's right. This isn't the Merlin being a Jerkass or a Jerk with a Heart of Jerk. This is honestly the best choice he could make under normal circumstances. Harry has a reputation for pulling off the impossible, and it's well deserved. If this had been any one else asking, sparing Molly would have been a horrible, horrible decision. Warlocks don't recover. And the excuses he uses? They aren't. They are 100% legitimate reasons not to spare Molly. What happened a few moments later wasn't a What the Hell, Hero? from God himself, it was just an sign that for once, the entirety reasonable course of action can be avoided, or at least postponed. Yeah. Black Magic is that bad. The Council doesn't execute teenager for funzies, it does it because that's the best way to keep the world safe. Molly herself becomes living proof after Changes.
  • This one is coming from the table top books, but Darby showing up, Molly's idea for using fear as motivating factor all from the same person Sandra Marling. And if you take some of the banter in the Tabletop RPG books as applicable to the books she disappeared with out a trace after Splattercon!!! They could have pulled an elaborate plan on Dresden and Molly that racked up a huge body count and manage to get out with Dresden noticing until he was writing down his case files and could have been working for anyone and are still out there.