Nightmare Fuel: Proven Guilty

  • The results of the spiritual mauling of the fetches' and Molly's various victims, particularly one girl who was driven into a permanent state of catatonia. In Harry's own words, "She's not coming back."
  • Lloyd Slate's fate. He was a bastard, but nobody deserves that.
  • When Harry looks at a heroin addict with the Sight, her addiction manifests as green-black veins under her skin ending at dozens of tiny, hungry mouths opening and closing where her needle tracks were in the real world.
  • Murphy gets taken off the Splattercon!!! investigation as punishment for disappearing all day into the Nevernever, so she isn't on hand to spin things in a way that could exonerate Nelson. Considering he went crazy in the wake of Molly's mind-tampering and wandered away from the convention in a fit of paranoia, he probably doesn't have an alibi for the other attacks either, so may have wound up blamed for the murders as well as the theater-owner's beating.