Tear Jerker / Proven Guilty

  • After learning about Ebenezar's role as the Blackstaff, Harry's still giving his old mentor the cold shoulder. When Ebenezar suggests they go get lunch together, Harry makes an excuse to refuse. Ebenezar accepts the excuse, but Harry can tell he's pained by the rejection.
  • Although Charity Carpenter has, up to this point, really been nothing but a Grade-A bitch to Harrynote , when he tells her how he'd deduced that her daughter Molly has inherited her magical talent, and has been using black magic on her friends, she reacts with complete and total terror, as even though Molly's intentions were pure, any use of black magic is an instant and automatic death sentence in the White Council's eyes. In that moment you really do feel for her. Also, though no one ever says it out loud, the White Council's stance on Black Magic is worse than ruthless: it's "correct", albeit a "little bit" - yes, only a little bit- overblown. So Charity's daughter is twisting herself into a psychopath, solely because no one ever told her what mind magic does to people. If Charity had told Michael or her children about her magic, this would never have happened. Imagine how Charity must feel.
  • Murphy and Harry's talk about their mutual feelings for each other and Murphy saying that while she does feel that way for Harry, she will grow old and die well before Harry does and she wants to grow old with the man she spends her life with, thus they can never be together. As she leaves, Harry's narration adds to the scene.
    Stab. Twist.
  • Harry confesses that he was avoiding Michael (And everyone else too), about how he felt executing the Corpsetaker and Cassius and how it makes him feel so horrible. He also finally confesses that he picked up Lasciel's coin which Michael has known all along and Michael states that he will be at Harry's side to help him against Lasciel and that should Harry succumb to Lasciel's temptation, he will be there to Mercy Kill him. Harry whispers "I hope you will be."