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Nightmare Fuel: White Night
  • Some ghouls attack and kill two sixteen-year-old Wardens-in-training (and is implied to have raped one of them while doing so). Harry proceeds to roast one alive, then throw the other one into a pit, melt the sand around it into glass, then pour orange juice on it head so it'll be eaten alive by ants. Carlos eventually convinces him to have mercy on Ghoul #2 and shoot it in the head, but still... wow.
    • Hell, any of Harry's dark moments are pretty damn frightening. Remember when he blew up a half-dozen storefronts cause he was frustrated? Or how he showed Molly that she wasn't ready to help him by flinging a miniature sun at her and challenging her to block it? Good Is Not Nice, indeed.
    • 'Flinging'? He let it slowly drift towards her head, just to give her more chances to try and fail. While taunting her for not being able to stop it.
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