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Nightmare Fuel: Parasite Eve
Perhaps some of the most visually shocking terror in video gaming comes from Parasite Eve.

Spoilers below.
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     The Book 
  • Eve trying to create human body parts. At first it just sounds like she's trying to build a normal body, but when Toshiaki finds her results, it ends up she had created giant, free standing organs and left them hanging around the lab.
  • Eve possessing Asakura. Orifice Invasion through the mouth with detailed descriptions of vomiting.

     The Movie 
  • Anyone who combusted in the movie, especially the Nurse. Watching someone being set on fire isn't pleasant, especially for what seems to be the longest minute of your life.

     The First Game 
  • The enemy is actually a networked intelligence that has been dormant inside our own cells for millenia adds a second, far more cerebral type of horror to a game that's already likely to keep you awake for days.
  • The fact that a normal living thing could, at any time, spontaneously combust or undergo a horrific mutation simply by being in close proximity to Eve. It's really saying something that combustion is probably the least nasty way to go.
  • The Ultimate Being. Good god.
  • The cutscene at the opera where everyone spontaneously combusts.
  • The mutation sequences. Normal animals transform into ravenous beasts of war, usually by way of forcing their bodies out of their skin and splitting their skulls open. Not just from this game, but from all games. The dog from the first game and the young woman at the Akropolis Diner in the second game come to mind. In the first case, the poor thing's head graphically splits in three. The young woman's mutation starts off relatively tame, but then her eyes turn red, her hair falls off, and her mouth rips in two.
  • The scene with Eve at Central Park. The effects may have aged, but seeing all those people graphically melt into orange goo, with their bones showing, is still scary to this day.
  • The scene in the Rehearsal Room with Melissa.
  • Fighter jets getting blasted by the giant orange mass. For that matter, Eve turning one of the pilots into goo.
  • Basically anything involving Eve could be considered Nightmare Fuel, especially when it comes to all her powers and just how horribly wicked she truly is.
  • When Aya finally kills Eve, she has this creepy expression for a split second before she dies. Eve looks up at her with this smug smile as if to say, "I'll be back, bitch."
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