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Nightmare Fuel: Menace II Society
  • Generally, the place where the film takes: the ghetto, Watts, Los Angeles. No, seriously. The representation of the ghetto in this film is quite realistic, and sometimes, reaching downright disturbing levels. A place where life has no value and no one there is nice, including the protagonists. If you saw this film, you will think twice before going to a ghetto.
  • O-Dog himself can be seen as this. He mercilessly kills a Korean cashier couple in a liquor store. It gets worse when he steals the videotape and uses it as a method of humorous entertainment for him and his homies.
  • The scene where Caine and his cousin Harold are carjacked by a rival gang. One of them shoots Harold in the head, splattering his brains all over the windshield. The worst part is that it was solely done For the Evulz.
    • Also, the scene where Caine is taken to the hospital afterwards, where he is bleeding graphically and in shock.
  • The quietly terrifying detective that interrogates Caine in the middle of the film, played by Bill Duke.
  • Caine's death at the end of the film. He saves Ronnie's son, but at the graphic cost of his own life. The unrated version of the film is worse, as it contains a bunch of gore as Caine is shot.
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