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Nightmare Fuel: Menace II Society
  • Generally, the place where the film takes: the ghetto, Watts, Los Angeles. No, seriously, the representation of the ghetto in this film is quite realistic, and sometimes, reaching downright disturbing levels. A place where life has no value and no one there is nice, including the protagonists. If you saw this film, you will think twice before going to a ghetto, yeah!
  • O-Dog himself can be seen as this. Mercilessly kills a man and his wife in a liquor store, it gets worse when steals video tape and use it as a method of humorous entertainment for him.
  • The scene where Caine and a friend were attacked by a rival gang in a car, and then one of them shoots the driver in the head, jumping blood to the windshield. Quite disturbing, the worst part is that it only did so For the Evulz.
    • Also, the scene where Caine is bleeding by the shot he received.
  • The quietly terrifying detective, played by Bill Duke.
  • Caine's death. He is shot and is bleeding to death.
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