Nightmare Fuel / Marvel Zombies
Thanks a lot, Daredevil. We found the two reasons behind our lack of sleep.

  • The premise itself. Picture your heroes transformed into flesh eating monsters, who still remember their past lives. Coming for you, your families, eating every living being alive on earth. They all have superpowers, they've defeated the militaries of the world. It can't be a pretty image.
  • "We all ate some of Jarvis. He almost didn't fight back."
  • Not to mention how calmly Daredevil talks about looking for anyone hiding with an Avengers jet, in order to be mistaken for rescuers and therefore tricking survivors, making them come out on their own will.
  • When Magneto and Galactus get eaten, both have a separate page entirely dedicated to showing them being dismembered and each bite by each zombie in each panel, in a painfully accurate and graphic way. Let's just say that it's painful to watch— two of the most powerful and iconic villains in the Marvel universe, just being gruesomely torn apart and devoured like nothing.
    • Oh, and if that's not enough— in Marvel Zombies 2, they do the same thing to fucking Ego The Living Planet.
  • What Sandman did to Earth-Z's real Spider-Man. Horrifying.
    • For those curious Sandman mistakes the classic Spider-Man as the zombified one that attacked/ate his fellow rogues. Sandman brutally pummels the wallcrawler and then proceeds to force himself into his mouth and into his body. The last few panels have Spidey in pain until the inevitable kaboom. It's as worse seen than what it actually sounds. note 
    • Not to speak of the events that led Sandman to do that. And what happens soon after. Even more chilling is that Spider-Man's last word was "Gwen"... worsened because he, sadly, is unaware his girlfriend WAS JUST EATEN!
    • And the zombie Spider-Man rips his skin off and throws it in a trashcan after killing the zombie Sinister Six.
  • There's the part where Bruce Banner began screaming that his stomach would explode after taking part in the consumption of Magneto.
  • The zombified Power Pack. Imagine being hunted down and eaten alive by zombie children. Of course, Nextwave's Black Comedy moment takes the seriousness of the situation away, but still...
  • The concept of the zombie virus itself. You become a flesh-eating monster but still mantain your personality (although distorted by the Hunger); you are driven to do horrible things but, anytime you eat, you regain enough sanity to realize the horror and the guilt of what you are doing. You can resist the Hunger but it can also take little to fall back into it. It's more like a cruel demonic curse - and it actively seeks to spread itself.
    • And it cannot be stopped. When we say that pretty much every Marvel hero was infected, we're also taking into account Wolverine and the Hulk, who - bear in mind - usually have Healing Factor. And when not all the healing factor in the world can save you from getting zombified, nothing else will.
    • Not even being a god or a god-like entity can keep you safe from the virus. Thor is unliving proof.
    • Not to mention that the virus itself is actively trying to spread. Given enough time, your only goal will be to spread the Hunger Gospel. And there's nothing you can do to stop it.
  • The ways Spider-Man infects the Sinister Six. Here's the rundown: he pulls out Kraven's throat with his teeth, pushes Mysterio's brain out, eats Doctor Octopus's roasted guts, rips off Vulture's wings/arms in mid-air, and uses them to decapitate Electro. He let Sandman go, though. If that doesn't scare you, buy yourself something nice.
    • Not to mention Spider-Man using his veins and arteries as webbing.
  • Black Panther's initial fate in the story definitely qualifies as an instance of And I Must Scream. The zombie Hank Pym keeps him in a sedated state, so he can amputate bits of him over time to eat, while still keeping him alive just so he can have someone to talk to. Black Panther eventually manages to escape, but not in one piece.
  • This line from Hank Pym in the first volume, showing us that even the zombies don't have it good:
    "You want to hear something really scary? Well, something that scares me, at least. I like the way flesh tastes. Really, I do. If I were to somehow find a cure for whatever's going on with us - if things went back to the way they were... or as close as they could get... I think I'd still eat people. That terrifies me. Really."
  • Hawkeye spent years as a head buried under some rubble. When he's left alone, he cries. When someone tried to take off his mask, he thought they were trying to rip off his face!
    • Hawkeye is rescued by an alliance of Earth heroes and d-list supervillains. Even with this, the human villains still are the most terrifying.
  • In one issue of MZ 5, zombified versions of Amadeus Cho and Delphyne Gorgon are forced to "kiss". Let's just say it get messy.
  • Black Widow eats a dog. This is early on in the chaos, when nobody knows why the heroes are going mad.
  • The opening line of "Marvel Zombies 2". 'I can't believe we ate the whole thing'. As in entire universe! Spider-Man and the others ate quadrillions of people.
  • The Halloween special gives us a zombified Karolina Dean, who is so far gone that not only does she eat meat, but she eats children. For added horror, there are no Earth-2149 counterparts for either Molly Hayes or Klara Prast...