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Awesome: Marvel Zombies
  • Wolverine gets one in Marvel Zombies. He loses an arm to the Silver Surfer (but later gets to eat some of him and get cosmic powers), and confronts the Juggernaut fighting over who should eat the defeated Galactus. The Juggernaut mocks him by saying his claws can't penetrate his armor and he only has one pair anyway. Wolverine says, "Not all of you is armored", and proceeds to jam his clawed fist into the Juggernaut's mouth. He then uses his cosmic powers to blow his head to pieces. As he leaves he says, "Jerk".
  • Machine Man fighting A whole army of zombies alone, and riding on Ghost Rider's bike in Marvel Zombies 3.
    • Marvel Zombies 3 is one for Machine Man. "This isn't human hell, it's robot heaven!"
  • Black Panther in this universe. After being held captive with drugs by Zombie Giant-Man as a food source, when Zombie Wasp starts arguing fighting with her husband because of this he takes advantage of the situation, escapes and, when confronted by Magneto's allies, he kicks their asses without half of his right arm AND left leg! Handicapped Badass, indeed
  • Marvel Zombies vs The Army of Darkness has Nextwave's Big Damn Heroes moment.
  • At the beginning of it all, in the "Crossover" Ultimate Reed Richards is cornered by an horde of zombie super-heroes. Zombie Hulk is ready to eat him when a truck falls on him. Then a couple dozens of other cars drops from the sky on the rest of zombies. Magneto sure knows how to introduce himself.
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