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Funny: Marvel Zombies
  • In Marvel Zombies Return #4, Zombie Black Bolt saying "brains", and thus taking out half of Hulk's Warbound.
  • Almost every sentence that comes from Machine Man and Zombie Deadpool's mouths.
    Machine Man: Dude, you just staked the zombie version of yourself. You're going to be in therapy for the rest of your life.
    Deadpool: (to his zombie companion) Come on boy! Shamble! Shamble like the wind!
  • Zombie Spider-Man asking Are We There Yet? as the rest of them trek through the universe.
  • Zombie Hawkeye's attempt at fighting Zombie Giant Man.
    Hawkeye: Eat arrow, fascist! (fires arrows into Giant Man's neck... who just looks at him, bemused) ... Be my friend?
  • Nextwave turn up in Army of Darkness vs. Marvel Zombies, saving Ash & Dazzler from the zombified Power Pack, and immediately start fighting the superpowered-zombie-children... accompanied by the caption "Nextwave: About to be humiliatingly killed off-panel."
  • Zombie Spider-Man in Marvel Zombies Return smelling all the "jungle herbs" Kraven has eaten coursing through his veins, promptly causing him to lose control of his hunger again.
  • Machine Man drowning his sorrows in beer after learning Jocasta had returned to Ultron.

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